Ecgberht of Wessex "the Great", King of the English
(Abt 0784-0839)
Ræburga Queen of Wessex
(Abt 0788-)
Oslac "The Thane" Ældorman of Hampshire
(Abt 0785-)
Æthelwulf, King Wessex & England
(Abt 0806-0858)
Osburgh de Hampshire Queen of England
(Abt 0810-0846/0852)
Alfred "The Great" King of England


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Ealhswith Queen of England

Alfred "The Great" King of England

  • Born: 849, Wantage, Berkshire, England 710,851
  • Marriage: Ealhswith Queen of England in 869 in Winchester 710,851
  • Died: 28 Oct 901, Winchester, Hampshire, England at age 52 710,851

bullet   Another name for Alfred was Ælthelred of England.

bullet  General Notes:

~Weis' Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 8th Edition, 1:14-19, King of England 871-800, Alfred the Great was son of Æthelwulf and Osburth and he married Eathswith (Alswitha), daughter Æthelred Mucill, ealdorman of the Gaini, by Edburga, his wife. Alfred was crowned king of England at Winchester in 871. He founded the British Navy, organized the militia, compiled a code of laws, built schools and Monasteries, and invited scholars to live at his court. He was himself a scholar who translated many books. He and Edburga were the parets of Edward, the King of England. 160

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 851
Alfred the Great, the founder of England's Civilization and Nationality, was born at Wantage, in Berkshire, 849, ascended to the throne in 871 at the age of twenty-three and reigned for thirty years. According to historian, Asser, Bishop of Sherborne, Young Alfred was a more comely person and of sweeter disposition that his older brothers, and was a favorite of both his parents. His parents sent Alfred to Rome when he was a child in order that he might be anointed king by the Pope.

Alfred succeeded his brother as king in 871. At this time, the Danes were ravaging the whole country of England. The suffering of his people was increased by pestilence and internal dissensions of the people. Alfred fought against one raiding group of Danes after another. Alfred built the first English navy in order to combat the many Danish raids. He fought back the Danes from 894 until they withdrew in 897.

Alfred encouraged the arts and sciences and was the founder of Oxford University. He has come to be considered as great a scholar as he was a warrior. He made London the capital of England, and fortified it in 886. He organized judicial and educational reforms, compiled a code of laws, rebuilt schools and invited learned monks from the continent and from Wales to his court to teach the young men there. He translated the Latin text of ecclesiastical writing of Bede and others in Anglo-Saxon. He was the author of the famous Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, the first history written in any modern language.

Alfred the Great died 28 Oct 901, at the age of fifty-two. He had married Lady Alswith in 869, who died in 904, and was the daughter of Ethelred and Edburga of the royal house of Mercia, in the central part of England.

~Wurt's Magna Charta, pp. 171-175

• Family. 378
Married 868, Winchester, England to , Ealhswith of the Gaini

Æthelflaed, Lady of Mercia, b. Cir 869
Edmund, b. Abt 870
Edward the Elder, King of England, b. 869
Æthelgeofu of Shaftesbury, Abbess of Shaftesbury
Æthelweard, b. 880

• Web Reference: Alfred, King of Wessex & the English from David Nash Ford's Early British Kindoms.

• Web Reference: The House of Wessex - Alfred the Great.

Alfred married Ealhswith Queen of England, daughter of Æthelred Mucil of Mercia Ældorman of the Gai and Ædburh of Mercia, in 869 in Winchester 710.,851 (Ealhswith Queen of England was born about 852 in Mercia, England, died on 5 Dec 902 in Mary's Abbey, Winchester, Dorset and was buried in Winchester Cathedral, London, England.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Engagement: 1st cousins, 1x removed.

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