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Sir Robert Corbet Lord of Caus
Emma Pantulf
(-Abt 1227)
William Corbet
(-Abt 1254)
(-Abt 1291)
Sir Roger Corbet Knight
(-Bef 1290)


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Nesta de Vale

Sir Roger Corbet Knight

  • Born: Chaddesley Corbet, Worcestershire, England
  • Marriage: Nesta de Vale 1494
  • Died: Bef 7 Jun 1290, Chaddesley Corbet, Worcestershire, England

bullet  General Notes:

For the later part of the Corbet of Caus line I used The Family Corbet, It's Life and Times, Volume II. There is a chart between pages 190-191 of "Corbet of Chaddesley-Corbet, Hope & Leigh-Juxta-Caus, Leighton and Subsequently of Sundorne that shows family connections. It begins with Simon Corbet of Pontesbury, and his children given are Thomas of the Moreton-Corbet line, Robert, fourth Baron of Caus (ob. 1222) married to Emma Pantolph; Hugh, a priest; Walter, a priest; Willim, a priest; and Sir Roger of Chaddesley-Corbet living in 1216. Robert Corbet, Baron of Caus and his wife Emma were the parents of Thomas, fifth Baron of Caus (ob. 1272) married to Isabel Valletort; Hugh or Grysetaille living in 1292; Sir Robert of Chetton married to Ida; Sir William, living in 1251-4; and Alan.

Sir William's wife Ada is incorrectly shown as the wife of their son, also named William. The Inquisitions post mortem for the elder William Corbet show that Ada was the wife the of older William and the mother of the younger William. The children given fro Sir William are William, knt.; Roger, knt. ob 1289 at la Berton, married to Nesta who married as her second husband Thomas de Roshal; Nicholas, knt. living in 1324; Hawisa married to Sir Laurence de Saundford who was living in 1254; Walter, knt. living in 1339 and married to Johanna; John, knt. married to Eleanor, daughter of Sir Henry de Strother; and Thomas, who received a Grant of Beddyngton, Surrey in 1302.

The children given for Sir Roger Corbet and his wife Nesta were Sir William who had three daughters and his brother Peter was his heir; Sir Peter of Hope-juxta-Caus, ob circa 1362, inherited Chetton and Chaddesley-Corbet, married to Ela widow of Sir James de Perers; Sir Roger, of Leigh-Juxta-Caus, who inherited lands of brothers William and Peter, ob circa 1368 and married to Amice de Camaville; and John of Bynweston and Leighton, living in 1390. 1494

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Inquisition post mortem. 1497
Worchestershire Inquisitions. Edward I

Roger Corbet - Chaddesley Corbet

Extent of the manor of Chadesley made by the king's command on Wednesday the Feast of St. Wulfstan, 18 Edward I. [7 June, AD. 1290] before Reginald le Porter (?), sheriff of Worcestershire, by command of Malcom de Harleg', the king's escheator citra Trentam, by the oath of Stephen de Bosco, Roger le Tayllur, Henry de Wynterfold, Thomas de Stone, Thomas de Hechye [Heathly], John de Scwanecote, Henry le Tayllur, Robert de la Bathe, Simon Ore, Robert de la More, John de Twenewode [Tanwood], and Thomas de Wodeham, who say that Roger Corbet [deceased] held nothing of the king in the county of Worcester, but that he held of the Earl of Gloucester the manor of Chadesley, and that Ada, mother of the said Roger, has in dower a third part thereof, so that he died seized of but two parts, which are extended as follows :\emdash A capital messuage with gardens and curtilages, worth yearly 10s., saving the maintenance of the houses; 4 vineyards, two small and two large, worth yearly 26s. 8d; two water mills with their pools,'worth yearly 26s. 8d, if they are kept in repair; three carucates of land in demesne, each carucate containing 100 acres, and each acre worth yearly 4d., sum of each carucate 40s.; and so all the land in demesne is worth by the year, 6li.; also in demesne 5 acres of meadow fit for mowing, each acre worth yearly 2s. ; a several pasture, worth yearly 21s. 4d. ; a common pasture worth yearly 2s. ; two woods within the metes of the forest from which nothing may be taken except by view of the forester save only pannage, which is worth yearly half aa mark.

The rents of the free tenants amount yearly to 4li. 14s. 9d., and there is besides a free tenant who pays yearly one pound of pepper worth 10d., one pound of cummin worth 1d., and 4 white cocks ["whytcoci"] each worth ½d. Sum of the free rents 4li. 15s. 10d.

In villeinage there are 34 virgates of land, each rendering by the year 5s., sum 8li. 10s.; the tallage of the same villeins is worth by the year 60s. ; and every virgate of their land owes three days' work with a plough by the year, and each . . . is worth yearly . . . 2½d., sum of the day's plough-works of each virgate, yearly 8½d., sum of all the plough-works, 21s. 3d. Each virgate of land of the same villeins ought to reap yearly, from the Gules of August "usque Dominus permessurit," every week for four days, and that work is worth throughout August from each virgate of land 1s; and each virgate of land ought, twice a year, to do average [averagium] to the bridge of Tewkesbury and to get the lord's cloth [querire estam' domini] within the county when it shall be necessary at the will of the lord. The sum of the average amounts to 17s. yearly; every virgate of land ought to give to the lord two hens at Christmas of the value of 2d., and, for the same, the tenants thereof have of the lord's gift reasonable furze . . . . . and dead wood. Each virgate gives by the year for " Grastak " [Grass tack, i.e. pastarage ?], 1d. Sum of the whole villeinage 17li. 44s. 9d.

The Jury further say that there are within the manor 12 cottarii, each of whom renders yearly, for all service, 11s. 6d., and eight who render 8s., each one 1s.; and they ought to do yearly lesser services to mend the lady's linen [ad linu' D'ne re'pand'] ; value of every work 6d. Sum total of the cottarii 23s. 6d.

The pleas and perquisites of the court are worth yearly 20s. The advowson of the church of Chadesley belongs to the lord of Chadesley, and is worth yearly four-score marks.

William Corbet is the son and next heir of the aforesaid Roger Corbet, and will be of the age of 8 years [*] on the quindenes of St. Michael in the year abovesaid [A.D. 1290].

The Jury further say that the aforesaid Roger held the manors of Chaddissleye and Bikemers of the Earl of Gloucester for one knight's fee, and by coming twice yearly to the court of Tewkesbury for all servvice .

Inq.p.m., I8 Edw.1., No. 27

[*] In an inquisition for Ada the following year, William's age is given as 11.

The Inquisitiones Post Mortem for the County of Worcester
, pp. 30-32

• Inquisition post mortem. 1497
Worcestershire Inquisitions. Edward I

XXII. Ada Corbet, Chaddesley Corbet

Extent made on Saturday before the Feast of St. Martin, 19 Edward I. [A.D. 1291], of the lands which were of Ada the widow of William Corbet, deceased, which she held of the heir of the same William, who is under age, by knight service, by the oath of Thomas de . . . [?] stone, Henry de Peremort, William de Wychebaud [Wychbold], Simon de Brun, John Falck, Robert Aleyn, Thomas de Hecheye [Heathly], John Deneys, John de Penedock [Pendock], Richard Adrelard, John de Twynewod [Tanwood], and William de Perer, who say that the said Ada held a third part of the manor of Chadesley of Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucesterl, of the Honour of Tewkesbury, who had the custody of two parts of the same manor; she also held the manor of Imeneye [Impney] wholly in dower on the day she died, of Peter Corbet, by reason of the minority of William, son and heir of Roger Corbet..

The capital messuage in Chadesley is worth yearly 40d.; there are there 200 acres of land, worth per acre 4d. yearly, 9 acres of meadow, worth per acre 12d. yearly, pasture, worth yearly half a mark, wood, worth yearly 40d., water, worth yearly 3s. And the third part of two mills worth yearly 12s.; the " average " is worth yearly 20s., plough works 8s. yearly, other works 60s. yearly, tallage 40s. yearly, the hens are worth 40d. at Christmas. Sum, 18li. 12s. 8d.

The Jury further say that Roger Corbet held the manor of Yemeneye [Impney] of Peter Corbet, and that Peter Corbet ought to do suit for the said manor to the court of Wycheband. There is there [at Yemeneye] a capital messuage, garden and dovecot, worth yearly 5s.; and there are there 100 acres of land worth yearly 70s.; and 12 acres of meadow, worth yearly 12s., pasture, worth 4s.; the rent of the free and customary tenants amounts yearly to 4li. 19s. 2d.; the tallage is worth half a mark (?), the customary works 66s. 6d. from the Gules of August to Michaelmas, with mowing of three days, and with hens at Christmas, and eggs at Easter, and with ploughworks in winter and in Lent; and 8 cottarii who render yearly 2IS. 1011., and the works of the 8 cottarii, with hens and eggs, are worth yearly 17¾d.

Also Alice le Walker holds the fulling mill at the will of the lord and the tenant [tenentis], and it is worth yearly 20s. And there is there a water-mill that belongs to the . . . . and is worth yearly 30s. And a grove within the forest, on account of which it is of no value. Also the pleas of Court are worth yearly 3s. Sum of the manor of Yemeneye, 20li. 17s. 7¾d.

The Jury say that William son of Roger Corbet is his next heir, and was of the age of 11 years at the Feast of All Saints, 19 Edward I. [A.D. 1291].

Sum of the value of all the lands and tenements of the aforesaid
Ada Corbet, 39li. 10s. 33d.

Inq. p.m., 19 Edw. I., No. 8.

The Inquisitiones Post Mortem for the County of Worcester, pp. 33-34

Roger married Nesta de Vale, daughter of Robert de Vale and Unknown.1494


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