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Hugh d’Auberville
Sir Ranulph de Glanville
Bertha de Valoins
William d’Auberville
(Bef 1130-Cir 1196)
Matilda de Glanville
William d’Auberville
(Bef 1170-)


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William d’Auberville

  • Born: Bef 1170, of Langdon, Kent, England 227
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: England

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• From Gen-Medieval Archives: The d'Auberville family of Kent . 193
Subject: The d'Auberville family of Kent (ca. 1100-1300)
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 10:35:57 EST


1 Hugh d'Auberville
Death: bef 1131[1],[2]
of Langdon, Kent & c.

'Hugo de Albertivilla', d. in or before 1130
(DD p. 268, cites Pipe Roll 31 Hen I, 64-kn below) [2]

text of the Pipe Roll entry given variously:

'Turgis de Abrincis gave three hundred Marks of silver, with one
Mark in gold, and a Courser, for the marriage of his Widow and
Wardship of William his Heir.' Dugdale, p. 499 (cites Rot. Pip.
5 Steph. Kent)[1]

' Kent.... Turgis, [bishop of] Avranches, renders account of 300m. of silver
and 1m. of gold and a war-horse for the land and the widow of Hugh
d'Auberville and to have wardship over his son until the latter is twenty
years old....'[3][also DD p. 268, citing same]

Spouse: Wimarca

Children: William (<1130-ca1196)

1.1 William d'Auberville
Birth: bef 1130[3]
Death: ca 1196[4],[2]
of Langdon, Kent & c. heir and successor to his father (while a minor), 1130
(Pipe Roll 31 Hen I, 64-kn) [DD 268][2]

'Willelm de Albertivilla', held 4 1/2 knights' fees of William d'Avranches, Lord of Folkestone, 1166 (DD p. 268, cites Red Book of the Exchequer pp. 192-3)[2]

'Willielmo de Aubervill', witness to gift by Ranulf de Glanville (father-in-law) of the manor of Leyston, & c. to the Canons of the Premonastratensian Order, 1183 (text, Glanville[5]; also Monasticon Praemonstratense[6]) in 1189, '..for the health of the Soul of King Hen. 2. and for the souls of William de Aubervill his Son, Emme his Daughter, Hugh his Father, Wynanc his Mother, Ranulph de Glanvill Justice of England, and Berta his Wife; and for the health of his own Soul, and the Soul of Maud his Wife (the eldest of the three Daughters, and Coheirs of the same Ranulph) Founded the Priory of Langedone in Kent for Canons of the Premonstratensian Order.' (Circaria Angliae[6]; also Dugdale, p. 499[1])

Spouse: Matilda de Glanville
Father: Ranulf de Glanville (~1120-<1190), Justiciar of England
Mother: Bertha de Valoins

Children: William (<1170-), Emma

1.1.1 William d'Auberville
Birth: bef 1170[5]
of Langdon, Kent & c.

'Willielmo filio Willielmi de Aubervill', witness to gift of his grandfather Ranulf de Glanville, 1183 (text, Glanville[5]; also Monasticon Praemonstratense[6])

~ therefore, born 1169 or before (aged 14 or more to witness this charter)

Children: Hugh (-ca1212)
<Insert: Also Robert father of Clarice as provided by Douglas Richardson's post * <a href="">Clarice de Auberville, wife of Sir Fulk Fitz Warin </a> of 9 Dec 2005</a>>


<Insert: Robert d'Auberville *> Clarice d'Auberville
Death: aft 8 Oct 1250[10]

" Kanc'. FULCO FIL' WARINI & CLARIC' ux' ejus dat R' unam marcam pro uno brevi ad t'minu'. Et mand' est Vic' Kanc' q'd cap' &c'. [previous dated entry 8 October; next is 22 October] " - Chris Phillips, citing Excerpta e Rotulis Finium 1216-1272, vol. 2: 1246-1272, p. 89 - 34 Henry III (1250), m. 2[10]

' Mabel FitzWarin had two daughters and coheiresses by her second husband John de Tregoz: the eldest, Clarice, wife of Sir Roger la Warre (lst Lord La Warre, or de la Warr), and the
youngest, Sybil, wife of Sir William, lst Lord Grandison. The younger, Sybil, was given a family name of the Tregoz family (Sybil de Ewyas, heiress of Ewyas Harold, was grandmother of John de Tregoz). The name Clarice, given to the elder daughter, is onomastic evidence that Mabel FitzWarin was the daughter of Clarice d'Auberville: based on the chronological facts, she could in fact not have been the daughter of Constance de Tosny .'[11] cf. CP Vol V -FitzWarin p. 495, note (c); cites Fine Roll, 34 Hen. III, m. 2; Chron. of Fulk FitzWarin, p. 410[8]

Spouse: Sir Fulk FitzWarin

Children: Mabel (-<1297) Fulk FitzWarin Mabel FitzWarin
Death: bef 24 May 1297[8],[12]
had part of the lordship of Lambourn Hundred, co. Berks as her maritagium :

' Fulk Fitz Warin acknowledges that he gave, conceded and by his charter confirmed to Mabil, his daughter, for homage and her service, his entire manor of Lambourn with all appurtenances, to have and hold for herself and the heirs of her body of Fulk and his heirs freely, quietly, etc.,
saving religious service, as is described in his charter.' Meisel, p. 96 citing records of King's Bench for 1249[13]

probably m. 1stly, William de Crevequer in 1249; m. 2ndly John de Tregoz (say 1255-1260 ?)[11]

she held the manor of Weston, co. Beds. in dower at her death (IPM 24 May 1297, cited by Rosie Bevan)[12]

Spouse: John de Tregoz, Lord Tregoz
Death: 21 Aug 1300[8]
Father: Robert de Tregoz (-<1268)
Mother: Juliana de Cantelou (->1285)

Children: Clarice (-<1300)
Sybil (1270-1334)

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