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Reginald de Botreaux
(Abt 1210-1274)
Sir Henry Champernoun Knight
(Abt 1225-After 1281)
Dionyse English
William de Botreaux
(Abt 1245-1302)
Dionyse de Champernoun
William de Botreaux
(Abt 1277-Cir 1342)


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William de Botreaux

  • Born: Abt 1277, Boscastle, Cornwall, England
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: Cir 1342, England about age 65

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 188
The manor of Alcester is not described in Domesday, but later evidence clearly shows it to have been of the ancient demesne of the Crown. [Bk. of Fees, 1275; Cal. Close, 1234-7, p. 208] It was given by Henry I to Robert Corbet, lord of a large fee in Shropshire, for his services. [Bk. of Fees, 1275] One of Robert Corbet's two daughters and co-heirs was the mother of Reynold, Earl of Cornwall, by Henry I, and a charter of Reynold, dating between 1163 and 1175, [Dugd. 762; Cartae Antiquae (Pipe R. Soc.), no. 38] confirms to William the son of Alice Corbet, his aunt, lands in Cornwall originally given as a marriage portion to Alice and her husband William de Botreaux (Boterell'). Reynold probably held the whole manor of Alcester for several years until his death in 1175.[Eyton, Antiquities of Shropshire, vii, 151, 181-2] It then escheated to the Crown, and so remained until 1190. [Pipe R. Soc., vols. xxv-xxxviii; Pipe Roll for 1 Richard I] Half of Alcester, together with Broom, was held sometime between 1190 and 1197 by Henry de la Penne, and this portion of the manor was again in escheat from 1197 to 1201. [Pipe R. Soc., vols. for 8, 9, 10 Rich. I, 1, 2,] Shortly after this the two parts into which the manor must have been divided after 1175 were held separately by the descendants of the two daughters of Robert Corbet. The mother of Reynold had married Herbert FitzHerbert, son of a chamberlain of Henry I, and Alice her sister had married William de Botreaux. [Dugd. 762. Cartae Antiquae (Pipe R. Soc.), no. 38]

~A History of the County of Warwick, Volume III, pp. 8-22

• Background Information: From GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives. 193
Subject: CP Correction: Margaret, wife of Sir John de Dinham (d. 1332)
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 12:29:30 EDT

The account for Sir John de Dinham (d. bef 15 April 1332) in CP provides no positive identification for his wife, stating in the text (and notes):

" He m., in or before 1310, Margaret (b).... She d. 28 Nov. 1361 (e). "

" (b) Joan, their firstborn da., was born a few weeks before 7 July 5 Edw. II [sic, but 1311 is meant]. (Ch. Inq. p.m., Edw. III, file 37, no. 3). It is usually stated that the wife of this John de Dynham was Joan or Margaret, da. of Sir Guy de Briene, but this is an error, arising from the fact that a Joan de Briene married Oliver de Dynham (Close Roll, 26 Edw. III, m. 29; Patent Roll, 42 Edw. III, p. 2, m. 30), which Oliver, who died 29 June 1351 (Ch. Inq. p.m., Edw. III, file 113, no. 10), was s. and h. of another Oliver, yr. br. of the said John de Dynham. " [1]

Dr. Hannes Kleineke had advised previously that she was in fact Margaret Botreaux, or de Botreaux, as evidenced by certain documents in the Cornwall Record Office. Dr. Kleineke advised this morning that this identification is documented in his thesis, 'The Dinham Family in the Later Middle Ages' (London Univ. Ph.D., 1998), p. 27, n. 99. One specific example which Dr. Kleineke gave evidencing this identification is Lady Margaret Dinham's seal attached to CRO AR 1/397 [2], which seal " a tree surmounted by two shields of arms, one of the Dinham arms, the other 'chequy, a bend', which obviously matches the Botreaux arms of 'chequy or and gules, a bend vair' admirably." [3]

As Dr. Kleineke also noted, the close association of Lady Margaret Dinham to Sir Reginald de Botreaux and his son Sir William is this particular document points further to a familiar relationship. Based upon Lady Margaret's likely range of birth dates between say 1292 [her husband born 14 Sept 1295] and no later than 1297 [her daughter Joan being b. in 1331 - CP IV:373(b)], I would place her as a daughter of William de Botreaux of Boscastle, d. ca. 1342 [son of William de Botreaux and Dionisia de Champernoun] and sister of

(A) Sir Reginald de Botreaux of Boscastle, who d. 1346 [the supporter in her plea of 'amesurement', in note [2] below], and
(B) Dionisia, wife of Sir William Basset of Terhidy (fl. 1300- 1340) [4].

[1] CP IV:373, sub _Dinham_, and note (b).

[2] PRO, Cornwall Record Office: Arundell of Lanherne and Trerice [AR/1/1 - AR/1/527] , AR/1/397:

: Lady Margaret 'de Dyneham' entered into Agreement for adjustment of dower with her son John, 29 Mar 1343 [Saturday after Annunciation, 23 Edw III ]:

' Agreement for adjustment of dower Lady Margaret who was wife of Sir John de Dyneham, knight (1) Sir John [de Dyneham], son and heir of Sir John (2) Recites: plea of 'amesurement' [assessment?] of dower betweeen (1) and (2) at Launceston in the church of St Stephen, by Sir Reginald de Botriaux, Sir William de Botriaux, Oliver de Carmynou, Sir John Petit, knights, Master Walter de Botriaux and others on the part of (1), and Sir Roger abbot of Hertilond, Sir John de Ralegh de Beaudeport and Oliver de Dyneham on the part of (2); appointment of 4 men to assess the lands of Sir John, and if they could not agree, then Thomas de Crouthorn to be the fifth; if (1) was found to have more than was reasonable, then she should return it to (2), and enjoy the rest peaceably.

' As they could not agree, Thomas appointed a day at Exeter, Saturday 11th Jan 1343 (Saturday after Epiphany 16 Edw III); (1) was found to have £11 2s 8 1/2d more than she ought, so that she made livery of the manor of Bodardel to (2) (its 35 tenants listed), making yearly 102s 8 1/2d; also half the turbary of the moor there, worth £6 yearly, and sale of the moor (la vente de la diste more) to be agreed yearly between them, together with 4s 4d from certain plots of pasture beside the moor in Halgras, Denetz [?] and Henbond and the way beside Halgras, to the share of (2), and the remainder of the pastures, worth 2s 2d, to remain to (1).

[Witnesses : ] Sir Reginald de Botreaux, Sir William de Botreaux, Sir John de Ralegh, knights, Walter de Sutton, John Fraunceys and Walter de Horton. ' Seal of (1) ('Sigill' Marga... ...nham').'

[3] Dr. Hannes Kleineke, <RE: Dinham - Brightleigh, Devon; and the Botreaux connection>, email dated 1 May 2004.

[4] Mark Harry, <Re: CP Addition: Ancestry of the Lords Botreaux>, SGM, 30 April 2004.

• Background Information: From GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives. 193
Subject: CP Addition: Ancestry of the Lords Botreaux
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 10:42:35 EDT

1 Robert fitz Corbet
Death: aft 1135[1]
Father: NN Corbet (-<1086)

of Longdon and Alcester, co. Salop[1]
younger son; 'burgess of Caen' (CP Vol V (Gloucester), p. 683)[2] held his lands (15 manors containing approx. 22 hides at Domesday Book, 1086) of the Earl of Shrewsbury
witness to charter of Henry I to Shrewsbury Abbey, 1121; ardent
supporter of Matilda in war with Stephen[1]

Children: Sibylla
Alicia (-<1149)

1.2 Alicia Corbet
Death: bef 1149[12]

had manor of Longden, co. Salop as her maritagium[12]

Spouse: William Boterel

Children: William (-1209)

1.2.1 William Boterel
Death: 1209[12]

held 12 knights' fees of the Earl of Cornwall, 1166 (DD, p. 182)[12]

3rd husband of Isabel de Say [ancestress of the Earls of Arundel] (she m. previously William fitz Alan)

Spouse: Isabel de Say
Father: Elias de Say, of Clun, co. Salop.
Marr: aft 1170[12]

Children: William (-1242) William de Botereus
of Boscastle, Cornwall

held half a knight's fee in Devon ca. 1210-12 of the Bishop of Exeter, as accounted in the Red Book of the Exchequer: 'Willelmus de Botereus, dimidum militem ' [Red Book of the Exchequer, 1210-12, for 'Devonesira ' II:556[13]]

'Willelmus de Botereus', assessed for lands held at 'Bideney et Widennie', 'Penhel' and 'Wimentone'[13]

'William de Botreaux', witness to several charters of Richard, Earl of Cornwall ca. 1235-1242:

'9. Grant to Beaulieu abbey of the advowson of St Keverne. Witnessed by Andrew de Cardinan, Reginald de Vautort, William de Botreaux, Walter de Treverbyn, Andrew de Chanceaux, Richard de Turri, Henry the German, Guy de St Amand, Nicholas Danne and Robert de Asthall: Beaulieu Cartulary, ed. Hockey, no. 249; CPR, 1343-5, p. 379 [1235].

10. Grant to the burgesses of Dunheved of their liberties. Witnessed by Andrew de Cardinan, Reginald de Vautort, William de Botreaux, Henry the German, Andrew de Chanceaux, Guy de St Amand, John de Bretasche, Robert fitz William, Henry de Bodrugan, Walter fitz William, Roger de Trelosk and Nicholas Danne: PRO, C 56/50, m. 18 [1240x1242].

11. Grant to Launceston priory of 5s. 10d. rent from the burgesses of Dunheved. Witnessed by Andrew de Cardinan, William de Botreaux, Andrew de Chanceaux, Richard de Turri, Walter de Treverbyn, Odo de Treverbyn, Robert fitz William and Roger de Trelosk: Launceston Cartulary, ed. Hull, no.21 [1227x1242]. '[14]

Children: Reginald (->1258) Reginald de Botreaux
Death: aft Aug 1258[14]

knt., of Boscastle, Cornwall

' Reginald de Botreaux ', one of the four knights [together with Ralph Arundell ] who were appointed in Cornwall in August 1258 " to conduct an investigation into all wrongs committed by royal and baronial officials and bailiffs."

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