Harald "Granraudi" King Of Agdir


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Harald "Granraudi" King Of Agdir

  • Marriage: Unknown

bullet   Another name for Harald is Harold "Red Beard" King of Agdir.

bullet  General Notes:

~Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 8th Edition, 243A:15, Gudröd, son of Hálfdan "White-Leg and Ása, King of Vermanland, Vestfold and Vingulmark was murdered 810-827 on the instigation of his second wife Ása in revenge for forcibly abducting her and killing, abt. 800, her father and brother. Ása was the daughter of Harald, "Red-Beard," King of Agdir. Ása is believed to be buried in Oseberg ship, the richest Scandinavian archeological find. 160

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Web Reference: Charles Cawley's Medieval Lands, Gudröd Halfdansson.
The Historia Norwegie names "Guthrodum Regem Venatorem" as son of "Halfdan Auri Prodigus Cibique Tenacissimus", recording that he was betrayed by his wife who bribed one of his squires to murder him [Historia Norwegie X, pp. 78 and 80]. The Ynglinga Saga names Gudröd "the Hunter" as son of Halfdan "the Mild" [Snorre, Ynglinga Saga, 53]. Gudröd's wives were Alfhilda daughter of Alfarin, King at Alfheim, and Asa, daughter of Harald, King at Agder. The Ynglinga Saga records that Gudröd "the Hunter" proposed marriage to Asa, daughter of Harald "Redbeard" king at Agder, after the death of his first wife, but was refused. The Saga records that Gudröd proceeded to invade Agder, kill Harald and his son Gyrd, and abduct and marry Asa [Snorre, Ynglinga Saga, 53]. The Historia Norwegie records that Asa bribed one of his squires to murder her husband [Historia Norwegie X, p. 80].


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