Hrollager Rögnvaldsson
(Abt 0874-)
Hrólfr "Thurstain" Hrollaugsson
(Bef 0890-After 0920)


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Gerlotte de Blois

Hrólfr "Thurstain" Hrollaugsson

  • Born: Bef 890
  • Marriage: Gerlotte de Blois 719
  • Died: After 920

bullet   Another name for Hrólfr was Robert Thurstain.719

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 719

Anslech's brother, Aunsfred, the Dane, Viscount d'Exmes was the father of Turtain Goz, Vicount d'Exmes and Argental, who was the father of Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, who with Hugh de Montgomerie, Earl of Shewbury, united his forces in resisting various inroads on the Welsh into England.

Anslech Thurstain, Baron of Briuebec, was the son of Hrolf, or Robert Turstain who was living in 920 and married Gerlotte de Blois, daughter of Theobald, Count of Blois and Chartres. Theobald was the son of Hrollagur, or Drogo, the half-brother of Rollo, who, in his division of Normandy in fiefs among his followers, seems to have allotted the northern district of la Manche to Drogo. The latter took the surname of Turstain, in memory of the supposted descent of his ancestry from Thor, the son of Odin. Drogo and Rollo were sons of Rogvald, Jarl of Moere, 885, who was the grandson of Ivar, Jarl of Upland, 850, who married the daughter of King Trondhemilm, whose grandfahter, Eisten, King of Trondheim, 780, was himself grand son of Sigur Hrin, King of Sweden, living in 735. The latter's father, King Randver, was the grandson of Ivar Vidfamer, King of the Danes, who himself was the grandson of Olaf the Sharp-eyed, King of Rerik.
~A Genealogical History of the Family of Montgomery, pg. 12

• Background Information. 197
This ancestry is said to descend from Rongwald or Raungwaldar, Earl of Maere, or the Fair haired, who was the father of Hrolf, or Rollo, the first Duke of Nomandy. Rongwald, like the majority of his countrymen and kinsmen, had several children by a favorite slave, whom he married "more Dancico," and Hrolf Thurstain, the son of one of them, followed his uncle Rollo into Normandy and was able marry Gerlotte de Blois, daughter of Thibaut, Count of Blois and Chartres. From them descended the Lord of Briquebec, Bec-Cripin, Montfort-sur-Risle and others who figure as campanions of the Conqueror.
~The Conquerors and his Companions, pg. 18

Hrólfr married Gerlotte de Blois, daughter of Thibauld comte de Blois et Comte de Chartres and Richilde de Bourges.719

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