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José de Leyva de Nevares
(1649-After 1693)
Juana Frésqui
(Abt 1652-1680)
Cristóbal de Torres
(Abt 1649-1726)
Ángela de Leyva

Diego de Torres
(Abt 1692-Bef 1762)


Family Links

1. María de la Rosa Varela Jaramillo

2. María Martín Serrano y Salazar
3. Maria Rafaela Baca

Diego de Torres

  • Born: Abt 1692, Guadalupe del Paso, Nuevo Méjico. Nueva España 239 ,268
  • Marriage (1): María de la Rosa Varela Jaramillo on 8 Jul 1711 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 509
  • Marriage (2): María Martín Serrano y Salazar on 25 Dec 1712 in Santa Fé, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España ,248
  • Marriage 3): Maria Rafaela Baca about 1741
  • Died: Bef 1762, Los Padillas, Nuevo, Méjico, Nueva España 239,268
  • Buried: Isleta, Bernilillio, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 268

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Dates & Events. 252
Diego de Torres was born in Guadalupe del Paso, and came to New Mexico as an infant with his parents. His parents were natives of New México and were returning with the Diego de Vargas party of 1693.

Diego was numbered among the first settlers of Chama as a village in 1731. He gave his age as thirty-nine in this year, and he was an assistant Alcalde of Santa Clara. His first wife had already died by 1712 when married for a second time. He had two sons in his first marriage to Rosa de Varela: Salvador, who married Catalina Naranjo, and Marcial, who was married twice to María Luján and María Martín, by whom he had several children.

Diego's second wife was María Martín of Santa Cruz, daughter of Alejo Martín, of New México and María de la Rocha, of Sonora. They had at least eight children.
~The Origins of New México Families, p. 295

• Families. 252
Diego Torres was married three times and had 18 total legitimate children.

Family 1: Maria Rosa Varela Jaramillo b: 1692
Marriage: 8 Jul 1711, Alburquerque, Nuevo México
Marcial Torres
Salvador de Torres

Family 2 : María Martín Serrano y Salazar
Marriage: 25 Dec 1712, Santa Fé, Nuevo México
Francisca Xaviera Torres, b: 1713 in Santa Fé m. to Isidro Trujillo
José Antonio Torres [SANM I, TW 333, Reel 2, fr. 746]
Martín Torres, who was 25 when he enlisted as a soldier in 1751
Cayetano Torres
Juan Domingo de Torres
Nicolas Torres b. 6 Dec 1731 in San Juan De Los Caballeros, Nuevo Mexico
Manuel Torres, m. Tomasa Baca, 12 Dec 1758
Bartolomé Torres, bt. 27 Jun 1734 in Santa Clara, NM
Juan José Tórres, bt. 1 Jun 1738 in San Juan de los Caballeros, Nuevo México
Juana Torres, bt. 1 Jun 1738 in San Juan de los Caballeros, Nuevo México

Family 3 : Rafaela Baca, b. 1723 in Belén
Marriage: abt. 1741
Bárbara Torres
Juana Catalina Romana Torres, b. 22 Aug 1744, m. Gregorio Varela, 6 May 1759
María Josefa de la Luz Torres, b. 20 Mar 1747
Lugarda Clementa Torres, b. 30 Nov 1749
Tomás Torres, b. 2 Nov 1755
Antonio Germán Torres, b. 11 Jun 1758 in Los Padillas, Reyno de Nuevo México

~The Origins of New México Families, pg. 295

• Dates & Events: 1731. 269
Diego de Torres, petition for revalidation of grant made to his father, Xptóval de Torres, on the Chama River. 1731

This document will be found with the Francisca Antonia de Gijosa grant papers, Surveyor General Report No. 109.

Assistant Alcalde of Santa Clara 1731

• Information: 1740. 23,482
Diego de Torres is considered the Founder of Belen. The settlement in what is now Valencia County, was made November 15. 1740, under a grant given by Governor Gaspar Domingo de Mendoz.

"Captain Diego de Torres and Antonio de Salazar, his brother-in-law, early in the year 1740, addressed a petition to the Governor and Captain General of New México , Don Gaspar Domingo de Mendoza, in their own behalf and in behalf of some thirty-two families, all from the Alburquerque area, asking for a grant of land on which to establish a colony."

Before the Belén land grant, Belén was originally a military garison that was established in 1750 for the procetion of the missions and the scattered haciendas along the lower valley.
~Río Abajo, pgs. 34-35

• He appeared on the census in 1750 in Belén, Valencia, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. 22,270
He was living with his second wife Rafaela Baca in Belén.
1750 Spanish Colonial Census - Belen : Diego Tórres : wife: Raphaela Baca; children: Cayetano, Juan Domingo, Martin, Nicolas, Bartholome, Manuel, Catharina Romana, Maria, Josepha de la Luz, Lugarda - de pecho (infant) : family #9
(Next door to my other ancestor Juachín de Luna)

• Dates & Events, 1746. 269
Antonio Casados and Luis Quintana, genízaros, proceedings against Fulano Barrera, Diego de Torres and Antonio Salazar over lands at Pueblo de Belén. 1746

• Belén Land Grant. 269
GRANTEES Of The BELEN Tract vs. Sale Of Land By PEDRO ITURRIETA to Fernando Chaves. 1767.

Before Don Pedro Fermin de Mendinueta, Governor.
Francisco Trebol Navarro; Manuel Garvisu; Manuel Zanez; Manuel Garvisu Zanez.

The petition for the Belen Grant asked for a tract of land which in 1740 was uncultivated and unappropriated. It is described and "bounded on the east by the Sandia Mountains; on the west by the Rio Puerco; on the north on both sides of the river the boundary is the land of Nicolas de Cháves and those of the adjoining settlers of Our Lady of the Concepcion tract of Tomé, and on the south the place called Felipe Romero, in a direct line until it intersects the boundary above mentioned, from the east to the west." The first settlers were: Diego Torres de Salazar; Pedro Bigil; Miguel Salazar; Juana Teresa Romero; Liigarda Romero; Juan Antonio Salazar; Miguel Salazar; Pablo Salazar; Nicolas Salazar; Manuel Antonio Trugillo; Maria Torres; Salvador Torres; Jose Antonio Torres; Ladeo Torres; Cayetano Cristobal Torres ; Diego Torres; Barbara Romero; Gabriel Romero; Maria Vigil; Jose Trujillo; Francisco Martin; Nicolas Martiniano; Ygnacio Barrera; Juan Domingo Torres; Jose Romero; Jose Tenorio; Juan Jose de Sandoval; Francisco Trujillo; Francisco Hiron; Cristoval Naranjo; Jose Antonio Naranjo; Bartholome Torres; Pedro Romero. The grant was made by Don Gaspar Domingo Mendoza, and possession was given by Don Nicolas de Cháves, alcalde mayor of Alburquerque.

The house of Felipe Romero was a ruin, this hacienda having been destroyed in the revolution of 1680.

~Spanish Archives of New Mexico, Vol. I, p. 43-44

Diego married María de la Rosa Jaramillo, daughter of Cristóbal Varela Jaramillo and Casila Cedillo López de García, on 8 Jul 1711 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 252.,509 (María de la Rosa Jaramillo was born in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 248
1711, April 24, Alburquerque, Diego de Torres (22), soldier, son of Alferez Cristobal Torres and Angela Leyva of Santa Fé, and Rosa Varela Jaramillo, widow of Francisco Lucero, daughter of Alrerez Cristóbal Jaramillo and Casilda Sedillo, deceased, natives of New Mexico. Witnesses: Cristóbal Gongora, notary in Santa Fé, Antonio Durán de Armijo (42), Manuel Cervantes (34), Juan Luis Cordero (40), all of Santa Fé. José de Qintana, notary in Alburquerque; Capt. Antonio Gutierres, (23) and Ramón García Jurado (30), Alburquerque soldier, who enshrouded the corpse of Francisco Lucero when killed in Zuñi province. Pair married, July 8, 1711, with witnesses, Juan Varela and wife Isabel Sedillo.

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales p. 1894

Diego next married María Martín Serrano y Salazar, daughter of Alejo Martín Serrano and María de la Rocha, after 25 Dec 1712 in Santa Fé, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248.,252 (María Martín Serrano y Salazar was born about 1690 in Sonora, Nueva España and died before 1763 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 31,34.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 258
1712, Dec. 25, Santa Fé, Santa Cruz. Diego de Torres (27), native of New Mexico and Santa Fe Presidio, soldier, widowed of María Jaramillo who died in childbirth at Santa Cruz de la Cañada, and then of Rosa de Varela, and María Martín, native of the Sonora province, daughter of Alejo Martín, native of New Mexico, and María de la Rocha, native of Sonora, both now residing in New Mexico. Witnesses: Cristóbal Arellano (45) who knew the first wife who had died in Santa Crus; Juan de la Mora Pieda (40). Miguel de Quintana, notary in Santa Cruz

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales p. 1895

Diego next married Maria Rafaela Baca, daughter of Juan Antonio Baca and María Petronila García Jurado, about 1741. (Maria Rafaela Baca was born in 1723 in Belén, Valencia, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 247.)

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