Juan de Quintana
Ana María de Peralta
Francisco de Valdés Altamirano
(Abt 1620-)
Juana de Fuentes
(Abt 1620-)
José de Quintana
(Abt 1645-)
Nicolasa de Valdés Altamirano y Cervantes
(Abt 1650-1681/1682)
José de Quintana
(1678-After 1750)


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Antonia Luján Domínguez

José de Quintana

  • Born: Nov 1678, Ciudád de Méjico, Nueva España 287
  • Baptized: 12 Nov 1678, Catedral Ciudád de México, Nueva España 287
  • Marriage: Antonia Luján Domínguez on 31 May 1696 in Santa Fé, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248,252
  • Died: After 1750, Río Abajo, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 287

bullet   Another name for José was José de Quintana y Valdés Altamirano.247

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 252
José de Quintana, seventeen, and born in México, the son of José de Quintana and Nicolasa de Valdés y Cervantes, married Antonia Luján in Santa Fé on 31 May 1709. He was still living in Santa Fé in 1697, but from 1709 on he was living in Bernalillo. By 1722, he had the title of Captain, and was still a resident of Bernalillo when he sold land in Santa Fé that had belonged to his mother-in-law.

His know children were: Juan Manuel, born 31 Dec 1709, mostly likely the man who married Rosalia García Hurtado at Albuquerque in 1731; Manuela, born 17 Jun 1707 Juana, born 6 May 1711; and Josefa mentioned in a land document.

~ Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period, p. 262.

• Background Information. 247
José de Quintana and his brother Miguel de Quintana are the progenitors of the Quintana family of New México.

Miguel was about four years old when his mother died in México City. His younger brother, José was two or three years old at the time. Both brothers were very likely educated during their youth at the school at the Catedral de Méjico.

José de Quintana was only 14 when the colonists and his brother Miguel left for New México. José de Quintana's name is not among the settlers. It is not known when he came to New México, but he is listed as a resident of Santa Fé in 1696 when he married Antonia Luján Domínguez, daughter of Domingo Luján and Juana Domínguez. From 1709 onward, José and Antonia lived in the Bernalillo area.

~Spanish Recolonization, pp. 298-301

• Livestock Distribution: Diego de Vargas, 1 May 1697, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. 510
José de Quintana
Antonia Luján

3 varas of wool, 2.5 of baize, 6 mantas, 10 sheep, 5 goats, 1 cow, 1 bull

~Blood on the Boulders, pg. 1140

• Census: Spanish, 1750, Villa de Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. 270
José de Quintana, Spanish, 80 and wife, Antonia Luxán, 81

~José Quintana was listed in household #43.
~In #41, there was Pedro Lucero, Spanish, 60 and his wife María Quintana, age 53.
~In #42, there is Josefa de Quintana, Spanish, 51, widow of José Aragón, Spanish, 4 Children: Barthólome, 25; Antonio Alberto, 19; Juan, 15; María, 11; orphan, María, 7
#44 is missing
~In #45, there is Gertrudis Quintana, Spanish, 31, Widow of Phelipe Gallegos, Spanish; 4 Children: Antonio estevan, 12, Felipe Nerio, 9; María de la Luz, 6; Cayetano Antonio, 4
~In #46, Manuela Quintana, Spanish, 39, widow of Pedro García; one daughter: Margarita García, 15.

~Spanish Census of 1750, p. 76

• Occupation. 510
In 1705, José de Quintana was a notary working in the office of Santa Fé alguacil mayor Antonio de Aguilera Isasi. That same year he was describe as a farmer. José also served as a notary in Bernalillo and Alburquerque.

~Blood on the Boulders, p. 1161

José married Antonia Luján Domínguez, daughter of Juan Domingo Luján and Juana Domínguez, on 31 May 1696 in Santa Fé, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248.,252 (Antonia Luján Domínguez was born in 1677 in Río Abajo, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 248
16 May 1696, Santa Fe. José de Quintana (17), español, native of Mexico City, son of José Quintana and Doña Nicolasa de Valdes y Cervantes, and Antonia Lujan (19), española, native el Río Abajo, daughter of Domingo Lujan and Juana Dominguez. ~Witnesses: Antonio Isassi and Cristobal Gongora (19), natives of Mexico City; Antonio Lucero de Godoy (45), natives of Santa Fe, Luís Martín (60), native of La Cañada. Pair married 31 May 1696, with witnesses Alferez Martín de Urioste and Doña María Gómez Robledo.

~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales, p. 1508


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