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Ambrosio Sáez
Ana María de Rodríguez de Anaya
Nicolas Márquez
(-Bef 1694)
Ana María Montoya Pacheco
Agustín Sáez
(1662-Bef 1725)
Antonia Márquez
(-Bef 1709)
Juliana Sáiz


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Juliana Sáiz

  • Born: 1702, Santa Fé, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 395
  • Marriage (1): Juan Griego in 1716 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 248
  • Marriage (2): Juan de la Candelaria on 26 Jul 1752 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 395
  • Died: Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España

bullet  Noted events in her life were:

• Background Information. 395
Taken from the CD: The New Mexico Genealogist: The First 40 Years CD, March 2001, tilted Second Wife of Juan de la Candelaria, and written by Jacqueline Garcia Luna:

"After Juana Torres died, Juan Candelaria marrried his second wife, Juliana Síenz on 26 July 1753. Margaret Buxton conclued that the second wife of Juan de la Canderlaria was Juliana Saenz (of Saez) of Santa Fe, the 14-year-old born (born 1702) daughter of Agustin Saenz (Saez) and Antonia Marquez, deceased, who was first married to Juan Griego, the 30-year-old (born 1686) widower of Antonia Varela, and son of Alferez Blas Griego, deceased and Ines Romero on 25 November 1716. Ventura Candelaria, 30 years old (born 1686), was among the witnesses at their marriage investigation. Juan Griego, the husband of Juliana Saens, died, at more thean 60 years of age (born 1682 or before) on 27 November in 1742, in Albuquerque.

John B. Colligan, in his investigation of the family of Agustin Saez, and his father, Ambrosio Saez, stated that the Juliana Saez, who was the wife of Juan Griego, and the sister of Francisco Saez de Arias (or Arias de Saens at another point) "may well be a different Juliana Saez, as there is one of that name who married Juan Candelaria on 26 July 1752 at Albuquerque, who surely cannot be the Juliana who married Juan Griego in 1716.

There is some evidence, although coincidental, to suggest that they are in fact the same Juliana. The evidence often cited is that in Albuquerque in the year 1750, Juliana Saens, a 50-year-old (born 1700) Spanish widow of Juan Griego, was listed as living in household #58, while the widower Juan Candelaria was living nearby in household #52.

Living with Juliana in 1750 were six Griego children: Juan Griego, 20; Mateo Griego, 18; Manuela Griego, 16; Rosa Griego, 11; Silvestre Griego, 10; and Joachin Griego, 8; and also one female servant, an Indian, 40, with four children: Gregorio, 12; Thomas, 10; Gregoria, 6; and Anna, 4; and a 4-year-old orphan named María de la Luz. What is coincidental is that Juliana and Juan de la Candelaria were neighbors and presumably knew each other, and they both were available to marry in 1750. They most likely were the Juan Candelaria and Juliana Saenz who did marry just two years later in Albuquerque.

Margaret L. Buxton also suggested that because "the padrinos (at the marriage of Juan Candelaria and Juliana Saenz) were Salvador Durán and his wife, Antonia Torres," it would be "a mark of approval if relatives of dead mates appear at a second marriage, if Antonia Torres was a relative." An additional piece of evidence, however, is that Juan Candelaria was not only living in close proximity to Juliana Saenz in 1750 after they both lost their spouses, but he was also living very near to her 50-year-old (born 1700) brother, Francisco Saez, who was using the surname Arias at the time. Francisco (Saez) Arias and his wife, Juana de Herrera, were living in household #49. Although Juliana and Francisco were the children of Agustin Saez and Antonia Marquez, they apparently were raised by their maternal grandmother and step-grandfather, the Santa Fe Alcalde, Diego Arias de Quiros and Ana María Montoya. Ana María Montoya was the former wife of Nicolas Marquez and the mother of Antonia Marquez. The records below may explain why Francisco Saez and Juliana Saenz (or Saez) both used the surname Arias at different times.

On 20 July 1694, Diego Arias de Quiros, native of Asiera in Asturias, Alferez of El Paso presidio and Alferez Real in Santa Fe, son of Juan de Quiros Prieto and Ines Arias, both deceased, petitioned to marry Ana María Montoya, a native of Santa Fe and widow of Nicolas Marquez.

On 3 February 1718, Francisco Saez, the son of Agustin Saez, native of San José del Parral, and Antonia Marquez, native of New Mexico, deceased, petitioned to marry Juana de Herrera, a native of New Mexico and daughter of Melchor de Herrera, native of the city of Zacatecas, and Angela Gonzales, native of Llerena de Sombrerete.

On 18 January 1718 (misdated as 1731), Francisco Saenz, 17, (but who signed "Saez" instead), alias Arias de Quiros for having been reared by Capt. Diego Arias de Quiros, who was married to his mother's sister (?), son of Agustin Saez and Antonia Marquez, deceased, petitioned to marry Juana de Herrera (Diligencia Matrimoniales incomplete). Note: Sisters here may have been a mistake, as the relationship between Antonia Marquez and Ana María Montoya was one of motherdaughter as stated in other recordss.

On 21 June 1718, Juan Griego, "the husband and partner of his wife Juliana Sáes," appeared with "Francisco Saes, resident of this villa, brother of the aforesaid woman," in Santa Fe to transfer a house, garden and cultivated land, which they inherited from Ana María Montoya, to Captain Diego Arias de Quiros, described as "the husband of his maternal grandmother." The record went on to state that "the said Captain Diego Arias has been like a father to the aforesaid, having raised them and taught them the doctrine...."

Given the above records, it is fairly clear that the Juliana Saenz, who married Juan de la Candelaria, was the same Juliana Saez, who was the widow of Juan Griego, the sister of Francisco Saez, and the daughter of Agustin Saez and Antonia Marquez. She and her brother were raised by Diego Arias de Quiros andhis wife, Ana María Montoya, their maternal grandmother."

Sources given:
(Donald s. Dreesen, Abq Marriages, NMG, Sep. 1982, June 1982, Sep. 1990)
(DM no. 26, Albuquerque, 760; Margaret L. Buxton, A View of New Mexico's Candelarias 1692 to 1750, Herencia, 5 July 1997)
(LDS microfilm 0016645, San Felipe de Neri Church, Albuquerque Deaths, 1726-1854)
(John Bl Colligan, Vargas 1693 Recruits for Resettlement of New Mexico, Genealogical Journal SHHAR Volume II, 1995)
(1750 Census, Albuquerque)

• Census, 1750, Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España. 270
Household #58

Juiana Saens, Spanish, widow of Juan Griego, Spanish, 6 children: Juan 20, Matheo, 18, Manuela, 16, Rosa, 11, Silvestre, 10, Joachin, 8; 1 female servant, Indina, 40, with 4 children: Gregorio, 12; Tomás, 10. Gregoria, 6; Anna, 4; orphan: María de la Luz, 4

Spanish Colonial Census of 1790, p. 77

Juliana married Juan Griego, son of Blas Griego and Ynez Romero de Pedraza, in 1716 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.248 (Juan Griego was born about 1682 in Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 395 and died 27 November in 1742 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 395.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 248
1716, Nov. 25, Alburquerque. Juan Griego (30), widowed of Antonia Varela buried in this church (San Felipe de Neri), son of Alferezz Blas Griego, deceased and Ynes Romero, vicinos of El Paso del Norte, and Juliana Saenz (Saez, 14) of Santa Fé, native of New Mexico and daughter of Agustín Saenz and Antonia Marquez, deceased. Witnesses: Antonio de Silva, notary; Francisco Garcia (40) of Alburquerque, married and soldier in Santa Fé; Ventura Candelaria (30); Dimas Jiron de Tejada (26) native of Mexico City, married and soldier in Santa Fé; Pedro Martines, native of Puebla, soldier and married.
~ Roots Ltd., Diligencias Matrimoniales, p. 760

Juliana next married Juan de la Candelaria, son of Francisco de la Candelaria and Francisca Montoya, on 26 Jul 1752 in Alburquerque, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España.395 (Juan de la Candelaria was born in 1692 in El Paso del Norte, Nuevo Méjico, Nueva España 395.)

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