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Joaquín de Luna
Juana Angela de Salazar
Santiago García de Noriega
(Abt 1732-)
Monica Sánchez Bañales
(Bef 1735-)
Bernardo Paulo de Luna
María Catarina García de Noriega
Diego de Luna


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Paula Parea

Diego de Luna

  • Marriage: Paula Parea

Diego married Paula Parea.

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

• Diligencia Matrimonial. 438
Diego de Luna, 30, single, citizen of the Alburquerque jurisdiction, the legitimate son of Bernardo de Luna and the late Catalina García. María Paula Perea, 24, the widow of her first husband, Juan Esteban García, and a citizen of the Alburquerque jurisdiction. The couple was related to the 3rd degree of affinity.

Diego de Luna stated that he was born in the Alburquerque area, had know María Paula for more than ten years, and he had heard that he was related to her by affinity because her first husband was related to him. He had lived in an improper relationship with her but not to facilitate a dispensation.

María Paula Perea testified that she was born in the Alburquerque area and had been a widow of her first husband for about five years. She was a poor widow with children and sought the protection of Diego who was known as a good man.

Witnesses: Juan Cristóbal; García, 60, widower, citizen of the Alburquerque area.
José García, 60, widower, citizen of the Alburquerque area.
Joaquín López, 70.

Vicente García
Tadeo García1st degree Santiago García
Juan García2nd degree Catalina García
Juan Esteban García3rd degreeDiego de Luna

Father Leyva state that he was unable to locate a baptismal record for Diego de Luna. His padrino was deceased, but his padrina, María de Luz López, gave a statement. She said that she was a Roman Catholic, citizen of Alburquerque, and about 46 years old. She was Diego de Luna's padrina and believed the baptism had taken place some 28 to 30 years earlier.

Father Leyva added that Juan Esteban García had died at the hands of enemy Indians far from any parish church. Francisco Gonzales, 31, married, a native and citizen of the Alburquerque jurisdiction, swore that about seen Juan Esteban Garcías killed by Pawnee Indians in Comanche country. He noted that he had also seen them kill a son of Victoriano Márquez. Father Leyva forwarded the proceedings to Durango on 18 Aug 1823. On 20 Sep 1823, Governor of the Ministry Manzanera granted a dispensation.
~Durango Prenuptial Investigations, Vol. II, pp.157-158

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