Nivelon Fréteval
Payne de Fréteval
(0992-Bef 1042/1044)


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Helvise de Mondoubleau

Payne de Fréteval

  • Born: 992, Fréteval
  • Marriage: Helvise de Mondoubleau
  • Died: Bef 1042-1044, Fréteval 193

bullet   Another name for Payne was Ernald de Chaworth or Nivelon de Fréteval.

bullet  General Notes:

~ Schwennicke's Europäische Stammtafeln: Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der Europäischen Staaten,Vol. XIII, p. 111

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Web Reference: Charles Cawley's Medieval Lands, Nivelon de Fréteval.
Nivelon was the son of Nivelon Fréteval and his wife Ermentrade. A charter dated 1085 before 6 Aug recalls the donation by "Nivelo Nivelonis filius", husband of "filiam Odonis Dublelli quondam Montis Dublelli domini", to La Trinité de Vendôme and the confirmation by "filius…Nivelo…cognomento Paganus", witnessed by "Burchardo comite…" [Vendôme La Trinité, Tome II, CCCXXV, p. 36]. Nivelon Fréteval married Helvise de Mondoubleu, daghter of Eudes de Mondoubleau and his wife Placentia de Montoire. Her parentage and two marriages are confirmed by the charter dated to (1067/74) under which her second husband "Hamelinus de Longiaco, pariterque uxor mea…Helviza, filia Odonis Dublelli" donated "(ecclesiam) Sancte Marie…Tufiacum" to the church of Saint-Vincent du Mans, for the soul of "Hugonis Dublelli minoris filii…Odonis Dublelli" who was buried at Saint-Vincent, with the consent of "filii nostri Wauterii et filie nostre Hersendis, meique privigni…Ilberti qui fuit filius Pagani" [Le Mans Saint-Vincent, Liber primus, 175, p. 105].

• From Gen-Medieval Archives: de Chaworth of Kempsford, Gloucs. and les Seigneurs de Mondoubleau . 193
Subject: de Chaworth of Kempsford, Gloucs. and les Seigneurs de Mondoubleau
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 11:29:09 EDT

Thursday, 21 May, 2003
Dear Linda, Paul, Douglas, Rosie, Chris, Cris, Kay, et al.,

The ancestry of Sir Patrick de Chaworth of Kempsford, co. Gloucs. & c. (d. bef 7 July 1283) includes his paternal gg grandfather Payn or Pain 'de Mundubleil', successor to his father Patrick de Chaworth before 1155 [1]. As to this Patrick de Chaworth and his son Payn, Sanders cited:

' Ancient Charters, P.R. Soc. x, pp. 56-57. Patrick II m. Wilburga, da. of Pain de Mundubleil, and his son used his mother's surname (Dunstable Cartulary, B.H.R.S. x, pp. 304-6.' [2]

The following provides a extended (not complete) AT for Sir Patrick de Chaworth, including the seigneurs de Mondoubleau and Freteval. The connections to these seignorial families of Maine should come as no surprise, given the Chaworth origins in the same comte. These connections impact the ancestry of many individuals, including Queen Elizabeth II, most of the royalty of Europe, and many others (colonial emigrants and not), given the marriage of Sir Patrick's daughter and heiress Maud to Henry, Earl of Lancaster (d. 1345).

Any and all additional documentation, comment and criticism is welcome as always.
Cheers, John *

[1] "English Baronies: A Study of Their Origin and Descent, 1086-1327," I. J. Sanders, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1960, p. 125.
[2] Ibid., p. 125, note (2).

1 Sir Patrick de Chaworth.[1] Sir Patrick died bef 7 Jul 1283.[1] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester, Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire and Steeple Lavington, co. Wilts. 'Patrick de Chawars holds half knights fee in Stepullavynton in chief, which Henry of Lancaster now holds of the inheritance of his wife, Patrick's heir. c. 1315 ' [10] Sir Patrick married Isabel de Beauchamp (she m. 2ndly Hugh le Despenser)

2 Patrick de Chaworth.[1] Patrick died in 1258.[1],[2] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester and Steeple Lavington, co. Wilts. 'Patrick de Charwurtes holds a carucate of land in Lavynton of the heirs of William Bruere, who hold in chief for an unknown service [1242-3 Bk of Fees, ii 742] ' [10] Patrick married Hawise de London[1].

3 Hawise de London.[1] first wife; heiress of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire. 'Patricius de Chaurc et Hawis[a] ux[or] ejus', fined 100 marks for seisin in the lands of Kidwelly 'which the same Hawise claimed as her inheritance', 19 Dec 1243 [Excerpta I:410] [3]

4 Payn de Chaworth. Payn died in 1237.[2] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester, Payn married Gundrada de la Ferte.

5 Gundrada de la Ferte. heiress of her mother her inheritance included 2 knights' fees in Costock, co. Notts.
(Sanders p. 123 n6)[2]

6 Thomas de London. Thomas died bef 19 Dec 1243.[3] of Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire Thomas married Eve.
7 Eve.she m. lstly Oliver de Tracy, 2ndly Thomas de Londres (London)

8 Patrick de Chaworth. Patrick died ca 1199.[2] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester

10 William de la Ferte. William died in 1216.[2] William married Margery de Briwere.

11 Margery de Briwere. Margery died aft 1232.[2] 5th daughter, and coheiress of her brother William de Briwere she m. lstly William de la Ferte, 2ndly Eudo de Dammartin, 3rdly Geoffrey de Say

16 Payn de Mondoubleau. Payn died in 1170.[2] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester he assumed his mother's surname (was named for his maternal grandfather) concerning his English lands, 'He appears to have lost control of his lands some time between March 1166 and Mich. 1167, but to have regained possession of them by 1168' (Sanders p. 125) [2]

20 Mathew de la Ferte. said to be descended from sister of Odo, Bishop of Bayeux Mathew married Gundreda Paynel.

21 Gundreda Paynel.

22 Sir William de Briwere. Sir William died in 1226.[1] of Horsley, co. Derby had the wardship of his grandson Reynold de Mohun, 1222 received the manor of Horsley, co. Derby in 1204 exchanged for Litchurch, co. Derby by Peter de Sandiacre (Sanders p. 122-3) received the manor of Bridgewater, Somerset in 1199 'as part of an exchange, a grant which was confirmed by the Crown and by Fulk [Pagnell]'s son William.' held the manor of Bridgwater, Somerset: charter for a market granted by King John on 26 June 1200, '... to William Briwerr. Day of the market not given (RCh, p. 73a). On 22 Aug 1221, K Hen III granted William Briwer that he could change his Thurs market to a Mon market (RLC, i, p. 469).' Sir William married Beatrice de Vaux[4].

23 Beatrice de Vaux.[4]

32 Patrick de Chaworth. Patrick died bef 1155.[5],[2] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester styled 'Patrick II' [2] Patrick married Guiburge de Mondoubleau[6],[7].

33 Guiburge de Mondoubleau.[6],[7] called 'Wilburga, da. of Pain de Mundubleil' (Sanders p. 125 note 2, citing Dunstable Cartulary, B.H.R.S. x, 304-6) [2] she evidently m. 1stly Patrick de Chaworth, 2ndly Barthelemy de Bouchet [6], [7]

42 Fulk de Paynel. Fulk died ca 1165.[2] of Bampton, Devon (de jure uxoris) [2] Fulk married Juliana de Douai.

43 Juliana de Douai.

46 Hubert de Vaux, lord of Gilsland.. Hubert died ca 1165.[4] of Gilsland, Cumberland had grant of the barony of Irthington, Cumbs. ca. 1156 (DD, p. 756) [5] witness to charters of Maud fitzEmpress and Henry II; had charter of Gilsland of Henry II, 1158 [4] Hubert married Grecia[4].

47 Grecia.[4]

64 Patrick de Chaworth.[4] Patrick died aft 1132.[5] of Kempsford, co. Gloucester (de jure uxoris) made gifts to St. Peter's, Gloucester, 1096 (Sanders, p. 125) [2] Patrick married Maud de Hesdin[4].

65 Maud de Hesdin.[4]

66 Hildebert Payen de Mondoubleau, seigneur de Mondoubleau. Hildebert died ca 1110.[8] seigneur de Mondoubleau, ca. 1075 - 1110 granted the church of St. Hilaire la Gravelle to the Abbey of Marmoutier, 1105 [8] Hildebert Payen married NN.

67 NN.

84 William de Paynel. William died bef 1148.[2] William married NN.

85 NN.

86 Robert de Douai. Robert died in 1136.[2] of Bampton, Devon [2]

130 Arnulf of Hesdin. Arnulf died aft 1091.[2] of Keevil, co. Wilts. and Kempsford, co. Gloucester tenant in cos. Wilts. and Gloucs. at Domesday Book, 1086 [2]

132 Payen de Freteval. Payen died in 1044 in siege of Freteval.[9] lst husband of Helvise slain in battle against Geoffrey Martel, count of Anjou [8] Payen married Helvise de Mondoubleau.

133 Helvise de Mondoubleau. heiress of Mondoubleau she m. lstly Payen de Freteval; 2ndly Hamelin II de Langeais [8]

168 Ralph de Paynel. Ralph died bef 1125.[2] Ralph married Maud de Surdeval.

169 Maud de Surdeval.

172 Walter de Douai. Walter died in 1107.[2] Walter married NN.

173 NN.

264 Nivelon I de Freteval, seigneur de Freteval et de Meslay. Nivelon died ca 1059.[9] Nivelon I married Ermentrude[9].

265 Ermentrude.[9]

266 Eudes Doubleau I de Mondoubleau, seigneur de Mondoubleau. Eudes died ca 1056.[8] Eudes Doubleau I married Plaisante de Montoire.

267 Plaisante de Montoire, heiress of the seigneurie de Montoire [8].

338 Richard de Surdeval.

532 Hugues Doubleau de Mondoubleau, seigneur de Mondoubleau. Hugues died bef 1017.[8]

534 Nihard de Montoire, seigneur de Montoire.[8] Nihard died in 1059.[7]

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Payne married Helvise de Mondoubleau, daughter of Eudes Montdoubleau and Plaisante de Montoire. (Helvise de Mondoubleau was born about 1025 in Mondoubleau and died after 15 Mar 1075 in Mondoubleau.)

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