Gilbert de Notton
(-After 1220)
Augustine de Barton
Edith de Barton
William de Notton
(-Bef 1220)
Cecily de Barton
Sir Gilbert de Barton Lord of Barton


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Sir Gilbert de Barton Lord of Barton

  • Born: 1198-1201, Barton, Preston, Lancashire, England
  • Marriage: Unknown

bullet  Noted events in his life were:

• Background Information. 764
Upon the death of his grandmother, Edith de Barton early in 1222, Gilbert de Notton, son of William, by Cecily, daughter of Edith by her first husband, Augustine de Barton, succeeded to the manor of Barton.

~Lancashire Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids, p. 61

• Background Information. 826
Gilbert, the eldest son of William and Cecily, was a minor in 1220 at the death of his grandmother Edith, but had livery of his lands two years later [Rot. Lit. Claus. (Rec. Com.), 438; ; Fine R. 6 Hen. III, m. 7]. He adopted Barton as a surname, and was made a knight. He fell into the hands of Aaron, the Jew of York [Whalley Couch. i, 41], and parted with large portions of his lands [Final Conc. (Rec. Soc. Lancs. and Ches.) i, 62, 88], and finally sold his great lordship to Robert Grelley his feudal superior. This sale was confirmed by his son John [Whalley Couch. iii, 881]. Gilbert retained or regained the manor of Barton, but this was given to his daughter Agnes [Dods. MSS. cxlix, fol. 150], perhaps in view of her marriage with a Grelley, and her daughter and heir Loretta by marriage with John del Booth, about 1292, carried it into a family which, as Booth of Barton, retained it for 300 years.

~ A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4, pp. 363-376

• Background Information. 946
Gibert de Barton succeeded his grandmother's estates upon attaining his majority shortly before 26 Jan 1222, the date of the mandate to the Sheriff of Lancashire to give to "Gilbert, grandson and heir of Edith de Barton" livery of 32 oxgangs of land with the appurtenances in Barton, cum membris, which he out to hold of the King in Socage, and for which he had fined for his relief by ten marks, and had done monage [Fine Roll, 6 Hen III, m.7]. Gilbert had the remained of his his estaes in Barton cum membris by military service, of Robert Grelley, lord of Manchester.

Gilbert married Cecily by whom he had issue John de Barton, who died young, and a daughter, Agnes his heir, whos daughter, Loretta, married John del Booth, and so carried the extensive estates of Barton and elsewhere to the family of Booth of Barton.

~The Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey, Vol. II, P. II, pp. 727-728

• Background Information. 936
Edith de Barton and her unnamed first husband had a son named John de Barton and one daughter. She had no issue with her second husband, Gilbert de Notton. By a former wife, Gilbert had three sons, William, Roger, and John called "de Bromyhurst." The eldest son, William de Notton married the daughter and heir of Edith de Barton and they had sons Gilbert, Matthew and likely another son. Their son Gilbert was found to be heir to his grandmother Edith, and had livery of thirty-two oxgangs of land in Barton cum membris, and Worsley, by writ dated 26 Jan 1222 [Fine Roll, 6 Henry III, m. 7]. He is styled "Gilbertus nepos et hæres Edithæ de Barton" in the original document. In this instance nepos means grandson as proved by an entry in the Colse roll, "The King to Sheriff of Lancaster, greeting Our beloved and faithful Robert Gresle has shewn unto us, that whereas Edith, formerly wife of Gilebert de Noctum held of him the fee of one Knight and half in Bartun, whereof the ancestors of Robert always used and out to have wardship with heirs being under age, to wit son of the daughter of the said Edith, ought to be in ward to him with his inheritance, and for that reason he (Robert) had seised that inheritance into his hands, as that which ought to be held of him in chief by military service, now you without authority of our precept have disseised Robert of the said fee of one Knight and a half, causing him loss to the amount of forty marks of the chattels which you have there seised." The Sheriff was ordered to immediately put him in seisin and to restore his chattels. This writ bears the date 16 Oct 1220, Westminster [Close Roll, 4 Henry III, m. I, in dorso].

More evidence showing the connection of Edith de Barton and her grandson Gilbert de Notton (a.k.a. Gilbert de Barton) is found in a charter, in which Edith de Barton, with the approval of her husband, Sir Gilbert de Notton, and for the health and their souls, and the sould of her son, John de Barton, and of her daughter, to wit, the wife of William de Notton, gave to the monks of the blessed place of Stanlaw in frankalmoign, the land of Cadewalisset. The date lies before 5 Jul 1214, when Henry de Longchamps was dead.

Sir Gilbert de Notton assumed the name of Barton upon inheriting his grandmother's estates. His first wife is said to have been Margery, daughter of Hugh de Eland, of Eland, Yorkshire. His second wife was Cecilia, possibly daughter of Jorwerth de Hulton, to whom Paulinus de West Houghton gave the third part of that vill in fee, an estate afterwards found in the possession of Gilbert's son, John de Barton [Whalley Coucher, pp. 59, 881].

~ Final Concords of the County of Lancaster, Vol. I, pp. 88-89


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