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• Background Information. 1009
William de Cantelupe, first Baron Cantelupe, was the son of Walter de Cantelupe.

~ Rev. H. R. Luard, The Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. III, p. 906

• From Gen-Medieval Archives: Original post found: Cantelou of Aston Cantlow, co. Warwick, and Montfort of Beaudesert . 193
Subject: Cantelou of Aston Cantlow, co. Warwick, and Montfort of Beaudesert
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 07:26:57 EDT

In my post of 12 September, re: the descendants of Thurstan de Montfort and the identification of his daughter Juliana (de Montfort) de Daiville, I noted that there was a relationship to the Cantelou family that would be elaborated upon.

CP, Vol. IX (under Montfort of Beaudesert), p. 123 note a states concerning Thurstan de Montfort:
' It is possible that he m. a da. of William de Cauntelo the elder, steward of the household to King John. His son Piers wrote to Walter de Merton, Chancellor 1261-63, about the business of (Walter de Cauntelo) Lord (Bishop) of Worcester, "avunculi nostri" [Anc. Corresp., P.R.O., vol. vii, no. 20]. '

Certainly there is other evidence of a close relationship between the Montforts of Beaudesert and the Cantelou family; some of which does not immediately lend itself to assuming a marital or blood relationship, including the acquisition of the wardship of young Piers de Montfort by William de Cantelou following his father's death before 21 Nov. 1216. However, the long-term relationship between the family members, dating throught the turbulent period of the 1260's down to the Battle of Evesham in 1265, bears all the hallmarks of a familial relationship which the above statement by Piers de Montfort appears to finally resolve.

The existence of this relationship, while not identified in other contemporaneous records to date, is supported by the writings of Adam Marsh in the 1250's. Margaret Howell wrote, concerning the aftermath of the June 1252 trial of Simon de Montfort,

' According to Adam Marsh, the three men on whose support Montfort could rely unfailingly were Peter de Montfort (not a relative), Walter Cantilupe bishop of Worcester, and Peter of Savoy. Peter de Montfort and Cantilupe were closely tied into Simon's affinity,.... ' [1]

Given the birth range for Thurstan de Montfort (ca. 1184, as he was a minor on his father's death ca. 1199, with King John taking his homage in 1205 - with the proviso he demise his lands temporarily to William de Cantelou (CP Vol. IX, p. 130-131) and his son Piers (after Oct. 1210), it is clear that Thurstan's wife was a sister of William de Cantelou 'the younger' and Walter de Cantelou, and not a niece. Walter de Cantelou was then uncle ['avunculus'] to Piers de Montfort, and not a great-uncle as might otherwise be theorised.

The chart below outlines the relationships now evident between the Cantelou, Longchamp, Montfort (Beaudesert) and other families down to the 'daughtering-out' of the senior line of the Cantelous of Aston Cantlow, co. Warwick.

Best regards,

John *

[1] Margaret Howell, Eleanor of Provence (Oxford:
Blackwell Publishers, 1998], p. 64
:cites Adam Marsh, 'Epistolae', no. 30


1 Walter de Cantelou


Children: William (?1158-1239)

1.1 William de Cantelou
Birth: ? 1158
Death: 7 Apr 1239[1]
of Aston Cantlow, co. Warwick
Steward to King John, 1210, Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicester 1201-1204, 1209-1216[2], Sheriff again under Henry III, 1217-1223 (2 Hen. 3-9 Hen. 3)[2], exchanged the manor of Cockeswell, Berks. to the King for the manor of Eaton [Eaton Bray], Beds., charter for which dated 4 April 1205 [Eyton Vol. VI, p. 356][3], by a fine of Jan 1211, levied before the King at Westminster, acquired the manor of Meole Brace, co. Salop to be held of Roger de Mortimer by the service of one knight's fee, in exchange for 300 merks of silver [Audulf II de Braci to hold a moiety of de Cantelou, by the service of half a knight's fee]. Eyton, Vol. VI, pp. 354/5[3]

In 1213 ( 15 Joh.), had respite for 'Three hundred marks for a Fine which he was to have paid for the Wardship and Custody of the Land of Henry de Longchamps Heir; ..' [his nephew][2]
'In this second year of King Henry the Third, he gave another Fine of two hundred marks for Milisent, the Widow of Almaric, Earl of Evreux, to be a Wife for William his Son; and for Katherine, the Daughter of Hugh de L'Isle, to be married to one of his Brothers.'[2]
' In 4 Hen. 3. he paid to the King ten pounds Blanck for Lands in Hochton, which he had with the Daughter and Heir of the before specified Hugh de Gornay.'[2]
had grant by letter patent from King Henry III of a market at Aston Cantlow, 1227[4]

Spouse: Mesceline de Braci
Father: Audulf de Braci (-<1203)
Mother: NN

Children: William (?1185-1250)
Walter (-1266)
NN, a daughter

1.1.1 William de Cantelou[5]
Death: 22 Feb 1250[5]
Birth: ? 1185
Of Aston Cantlow, co. Warwick; steward of Henry III[6] "he and Milicent his wife, 'formerly wife of Aumarie, Count of Evreux,' had dower in Petersfield and Mapledurham (CP Vol V (Gloucester), p. 693)"[5]; served coheir to his [alleged] cousin William de Courtenay, of a moiety of the manor of Badmondisfield, Suffolk [Copinger, Vol. V, p. 301 citing O. 26 Hen. III. 2][7]; had the wardship of young Piers de Montfort; acquired the manor of Bingley, co. Yorks. ca. 1230 : following the forfeiture by Maurice de Gant of his manor of Bingley in connection with his ransom, '...William de Cantilupe received a confirmation from the Crown of the vill, market and manor of Bingley of the gift and feoffment of Rannulph, earl of Chester and Lincoln, to be held of him by the service of half a fief of one knight.'[8]

NOTE: (1) Turner assigned the acquisition of Bingley to William (d. 1239), father of this William. (2) The relationship of William de Cantelou to William de Curtenai, as noted by Copinger (see above), is unproven.[9]

Spouse: Millicent de Gournay
Death: 1260[10]
Father: Hugh V de Gournay (ca1148-1214)
Mother: Juliana de Dammartin (ca1165-)
Marr: 1217[5],[2]
Children: Juliana (->1285)
William (-1254)
Thomas (?1218-1282)
Nicholas (-<1266)
John (->1257)
Hugh (->1260) Juliana de Cantelou[5]
Death: aft 6 Aug 1285

William de Cantelou d. 1250, leaving sons and daughter '..Julian, the Wife of Sir Robert de Tregoz.' Dugdale, Baronage, p. 732 [cites Ex. coll. R. Gl. S.][2]

Spouse: Robert de Tregoz
Death: bef 24 Sep 1268[5]
Father: Robert de Tregoz (-<1215)
Mother: Sibyl de Ewyas (-<1236)
Marr: bef 1 Aug 1245[5]

Children: John (~1245-1300) John de Tregoz
Birth: abt 1245
Death: 21 Aug 1300
Occ: Lord Tregoz[5] of Eaton Tregoz, co. Hereford and Lydiard Tregoze and Allington, Wilts.[5]
evidently received the lordship of Lambourn Hundred, co. Berks with his wife (held by him in 1274 - Meisel, p. 96[11]; summoned to Parliament by writ from 26 Jan 1296/97, whereby held to have become Lord Tregoz; fought at Falkirk, 1298; d.s.p.m. [5] 2nd husband of Mabel FitzWarin (IPM of Mabel Tregoz, cited by Rosie Bevan)[12]

Spouse: Mabel FitzWarin
Death: bef 24 May 1297[5]
Father: Sir Fulk FitzWarin (-1264)
Mother: Constance de Tosny
Marr: aft 6 Apr 1263[5]

Children: Clarice (-<1300)
Sybil (1270-1334) William de Cantelou
Death: 25 Sep 1254[5]
Burial: 30 Sep 1254, Studley priory, co. Warwick[5]
of Calne, co. Wilts., Houghton, co. Beds. and Aston Cantlow, co. Warwick [13]; as William de Cantelou 'the Younger', said to have journeyed on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela with [his cousin] Piers de Montfort, 1236; also held a moiety of Badmondisfield, Suffolk[7]; after his death, Prince Edward (the future Edward I) held the wardship of his heirs (Edward I, p. 38)[14]
Spouse: Eve de Braose
Death: bef 28 Jul 1255[5]
Father: William de Braose (-1230)
Mother: Eva le Marshal (-<1246)
Marr: aft 25 Jul 1238[5]

Children: Joan (-<1271)
Millicent (-<1298)
George (1252-1273) Millicent de Cantelou
Death: bef 7 Jan 1298[5]; coheiress of her brother, George de Cantelou[5]; her inheritance included Eyton, Houton [sic], Beds.; Harringworth, Beruby, Rowell, and Bolewyck, Northants.; Totnes, Devon; Moles Bracy, co. Salop.[ ]; also Bridgwater, Somerset (moiety of 2/3 of the borough and manor)[16]; she also claimed the right to a market at Bridgwater, Somerset in 1280[4] (the manor of Bridgwater was part of her purparty of the inheritance from her brother)[2]

Spouse: Eudes la Zouche
Death: bef 25 Jun 1279[17]
Father: Sir Roger la Zouche (-<1238)
Mother: Margaret Biset
Marr: bef 13 Dec 1273[17]

Children: Eva (-1314)
Sir William (<1276-1351)
Elizabeth (-<1308)

1.1.3 NN de Cantelou

CP Vol. IX (Montfort), p. 123 note a:

'It is possible that [Thurstan de Montfort] m. a da. of William de Cauntelo the elder, steward of the household to King John. His son Piers wrote to Walter de Merton, Chancellor 1261-63, about the business of (Walter de Cauntelo) Lord (Bishop) of Worcester,
" avunculi nostri "
[Auc. Corresp., P.R.O., vol. vii, no. 20]. '[5]

Spouse: Thurstan de Montfort
Birth: ca 1184[5]
Death: bef 21 Nov 1216[5]
Father: Henry de Montfort (-ca1199)

Children: Piers (>1210-1265)
William (-?1220) Piers de Montfort
Birth: aft Oct 1210[5]
Death: 4 Aug 1265, Battle of Evesham[5]
of Beaudesert, co. Warwick; his wardship given to William de Cantelou (the elder) on his father's death, 1215/6; had charter from King Henry III dated 3 July 1221 for a market and fair at Henley in Arden, co. Warwick, 'to be held at the manor until the King came of age.'[4]l; also a charter dated 10 Feb 1227 from King Henry III for a market and fair at Beaudesert, co. Warwick [the market and fair evidently held by William de 'Cantilupe', - his maternal grandfather - who paid 15 marks for holding same][4] On pilgrimage with his lord William de Cauntelo the younger - his cousin, who had not yet succeeded his father - to Santiago de Compostela, 1236.[5] Supporter of Simon de Montfort (slain at Evesham, 1265)

Spouse: Alice de Aldithley
Father: Sir Henry de Aldithley (~1175-<1246)
Mother: Bertrade de Mainwaring
Marr: bef 1229[5]

Children: Piers (~1240-<1286) Piers de Montfort[20]
Birth: abt 1240
Death: bef 4 Mar 1286[5]
of Beaudesert, co. Warwick Fought at Evesham for Simon de Montfort, 4 Aug 1265 (taken prisoner; subseq. restored to part of father's lands). On pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, 1271/72 and again 1274/75[5]

Spouse: Matilda de la Mare
Birth: abt 1242
Father: Matthew de la Mare (-<1260)
Marr: abt 1260[5]

Children: Alice (-1354)
John (-<1296)
[Addition to Post] Elizabeth, wife of William de Montagu & Thomas de Furnival [CP, IX, p.82 & V, p.582]

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