William de Erdington
Thomas de Erdington
Roesia de Cocfelde
(-After 1218)
Giles de Erdington
(Bef 1196-9)


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Giles de Erdington

  • Born: Bef 1196, Erdington, Aston, Warwickshire, England
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: Shortly before 10 Jan 1268/9, Erdington, Aston, Warwickshire, England 141,1119

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• Background Information. 141
Henry de Erdington
, who was of age, but not yet a knight, 20 Jun 1272 [Assize Roll, no. 802, m. 53], was the son and heir of Giles de Erdington, who died shortly before 10 Jan 1268/9 [Patent Roll, 53 Hen. III, mm. 24, 24]. Giles was the son and heir of Thomas de Erdington, of Erdington, to whom King John gave the manors of Wellington and Shawbury, Salop. on 3 Nov 1212, and confimed the honor of Montgomery, with the manor Badmondisfield, Suffolk, &c., which he acquired from Stephen de Stanton and Robert his son, 18 Jan 1214/5 [Charter Rolls, 14 John, m.3; 16 John, m.5; Close Roll, 16 John, p.2, m.11]. Thomas de Erdintone sapientissimus et fascundissimus obiit Wigornie xiij kal Aprilis (20 Mar 1217/8) cucullatus" [Annales de Wigornia, p.410], leaving a widow, Rohese de Cocfeld [Close Roll, 2 Hen. III, m.8; Patent Roll, m.6: Ch. Inq. p.m, Hen. III, file 42, no.20]

~ Cokayne's Complete Peerage, 2nd Edition, Vol. V, (Erdington), p. 85, footnote (d)

• Background Information. 792,1119
Giles de Erdington
, son of Thomas de Erdington, was evidently a minor when his father died, and so continued for twelve following years; for it was not until 12 Apr 1230, 14 Henry III, that he obtained permission from the king to pay his father's debts by installments of 100 shillings a year [Excerpt. e Rot. Fin. i, 195]. Though there are no reports of the period to prove his employment, it may be presumed that in the twenty years that intervened before he attained to the judicial bench, he practiced in the courts at Westminster. He was made a judge before Aug 1251, 35 Henry III, that being the first date of a payment for an assize to be taken before him; and he was one of those who held pleas for the city of London in that year. His name occurs in the fines from the next year until Michaelmas, 38 Henry III, but not later. At that date he is mentioned on the roll as one of the justices acting in the king's court; and the Rot. de Finibus proves that he retained his place on the bench until Dec 1267, 52 Henry III. Dugdale records only two circuits, which he went during that period, in the 44th and 46th years of Henry [Dugdale's Orig. Jurid. 43, & Chron Series; Excerpt. e Rot. Fin. ii. 113-464; Abbrev. Placit. 137].

Giles died a few months after the last entry on the Fine Roll; the executors of his will, on 15 Mar 1269, 53 Henry III, obtaining an order on the escheator south of Trent to deliver to them his goods and chattels, on giving security for the payment of any debts he might owe [Excerpt. e Rot. Fin. ii, 484]. Although Dugdale in his Origines Juridiciales, calls him a canon of St. Paul's, he makes him, in the Baronage, father of Henry, who succeeded to his estates and who son, also Henry, was summoned to parliament in 9 Edward III [Dugdal's Orig. Jurid. 21; Baronage, ii, 112].

~ Edward Foss, The Judges of England, pp. 319-320, and p. 234 of Foss's Biographia Juridica

• Background Information. 1115
Giles de Erdington was the son of Thomas and Rosia de Erdington of Erdington and Aston. Giles was a great benefactor to the church, especially the Monastery of Newport Pagnell, otherwise known as Tykford Priory. He died in1272 and was succeeded by his son and heir Henry de Erdinton, who married Maud, daughter of Roger de Someri, Baron of Dudley.

~ The Antiquary, Vol. XVI, "The Erdingtons or Erdington," p.190


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