William le Daneys
(-After 1263)
William le Daneys
Brice le Daneys
(Bef 1250-After 1322)


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Brice le Daneys

  • Born: Bef 1250, Rutlandshire, England
  • Marriage: Unknown
  • Died: After 1322, Rutlandshire, England 1118

bullet   Another name for Brice was Brice Dennis.

bullet  General Notes:

According to The Origins of the English Gentry, p. 225, Brice le Daneys was said to be over seventy years of age in 1322.

bullet  Information about this person:

• Background Information. 1116
son of Robert de Tolethorpe married Maud, daughter of Brice Daneys.

~ A History of the County of Rutland, Vol. II, pp. 236-242

• Records and Notes. 1118
Rutland. Inq. 19 July, 7 Edward II (1308/9), Tygekencote, 1 knight's fee held by Brice Daneys.

~ Calandar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, Vol. V, p. 235

• Background Information. 1036
Brice le Daneys
claimed to be heir as the son of William, son of William, son of Richard le Daneys, brother of John le Daneys, father of Ella [Assize R. 348, m. 6d]. William le Daneys, probably the father of Brice, claimed in 1261 4 carucates except a virgate in Offord against Robert de Hereford and Richard Pauncefot and Isabella his wife [Ibid. 343, m. 3d].

~ VCR: A History of the County of Huntingdon, Vol II, pp. 322-326

• From Gen-Medieval Archives: Daneys of Huntingdonshire, Rutland and Somerset . 193
Subject: Daneys of Huntingdonshire, Rutland and Somerset
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 08:38:20 -0700

The Daneys family are (via the St Georges of Hatley St George) ancestral to HRH The Countess of Wessex.

My thanks to Rosie Bevan and Guy Vincent for kindly letting me have further details of this family. A tentative stemma follows:

1. William le Daneys aka Dacus, had an agreement with Ralf de Worcester to acquire four hides at Offord Darcy, Hunts, 1194 (VCH Hunts, vol 2, sub Offord Darcy); founded the Hospital at Ilchester, 1217x1220 (Proceedings of the Somerset Arch. & Nat. Hist. Soc., vol XIII, 1867); married Emma de Offord, daughter of Robert de Offord, who brought to her husband the advowson of Offord Darcy (VCH Hunts, vol 2); issue:

2. Richard le Daneys, named in the pedigree detailed by Brice le Daneys in his claim to be heir of Ela de Boleville, 1286 (VCH Hunts, vol 2, sub Offord Darcy); issue:

3. William le Daneys; issue:

4. William le Daneys, claimed to be heir of Ela de Boleville, 1261 (VCH Hunts, vol 2, sub Offord Darcy); dead by 1272 (Knights of Edward I, sub Daneys); issue:

5. Brice le Daneys, son and heir of William le Daneys; a ward of John Beauchamp [of Hatch]; held the manor of Sock Denis, Somerset, 1272; summoned to serve against the Scots, 1301; held Tickencote, 1313; held property in London, 1317-8 (Knights of Edward I); dead by 1344 (VCH Rutland, vol 2, sub Tickencote)

From: Alan Grey <>
Subject: Re: Daneys of Huntingdonshire, Rutland and Somerset
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:36:43 +1200

To this could be added the Maud who married Thomas de Tolethorpe (died c.1290). She is said to have been the daughter of Brice Daneys [VCH, Rutland, Vol. 2, p.238].

Alan R Grey

Subject: Re: Daneys of Huntingdonshire, Rutland and Somerset
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 00:03:27 -0700

Additionally, according to the Knights of Edward I entry, Brice le Daneys started his career as ward of John Beauchamp, who seems to have been his family's feudal overlord in Somerset. This indicates that he succeeded as a minor. This may relate to the first date I have so far encountered for him (1272), and seems to make the chronology easier: his father, who sued in 1261, could have been born as late as 1240.

Cheers, Michael


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