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Pépin "le bref" Carolingien Re des Francs
Bertrada de Laon
(Abt 720-783)
Gerold of Swabia Count of Linzgau & Prefect of Bavaria
(Cir 725-799)
Emma of Alemania
(735-Abt 788)
Charlemagne Carolingien King of the Western Francs Holy Roman Emperor
Hildegrade of Swabia
(Abt 758-783)
Louis I "the Pious" Carolingien Holy Roman Emperor


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1. Ermengarde of Hasbaye

2. Judith of Bavaria

Louis I "the Pious" Carolingien Holy Roman Emperor

  • Born: Aug 778, Garonne 528
  • Marriage (1): Ermengarde of Hasbaye between 794 and 795
  • Marriage (2): Judith of Bavaria in Feb 819 in France 528
  • Died: 20 Jun 840, Petersaue, Eine Insel em Rhein, Nahe Ingelheim at age 61 160,528
  • Buried: Cathâedrale d'Aachen, Aachen, Rheinland

bullet  General Notes:

~ Weis's Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America before 1700, 8th Edition, 140:14, 144A:14, 146:14, 148:14, 191A:16, Louis I, "the Fair," son of Charlemagne and Hildegarde, Emperor 814-840, married Ermengarde, daughter of Ingerman, Count of Hesbaye and Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Welf I, Duke of Bavaria. They were the parents of Lothair I, King of Italy, 816-855 & Holy Roman emperor, 840-855; Rotrude who married Count Gerard of Auvergen.

Louis I, "the Fair," married, as his second wife, Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Welf I, Duke of Bavaria and the were the parents of Gisèle who married Eberhard, Margrave of Friuli. 160

~Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants, Vol. III, pp. 18, 55, 99, 116, 130, 145, 151, 158, 182, 255, Louis "le Debonnaire," King of the Franks, Emperor of the West, born at Garonne, Aug 778, died near Mainz, 20 Jun 840. He was King of Aquitaine, Louis I married, as his first wife, Emengarde, daughter of Ingerman, Count of Hasbaye.

Louis I married as his second wife Judith of Bavaria, daughter Guelph I, Count of Altdorf and Duke of Bavaria and his wife Edith of Saxony. 530

bullet  Information about this person:

• Southworth connection. 159
Louis le Debonnaire was made a prisoner by the sons of his first wife. After he grained his liberty and kingdom, he sent his brother Pepin to Italy. He first was married to Hermangarde, daughter of Ingerrame, duke of Harbarge. His second wife was Judith, daughter of Guelph, count of Barvaria. With Judith, he had a son, Chalrles the Bald.

~A Genealogy of the Southworths (Southards)..., pg. 434-435

• Web Reference: Louis le Pieux.

• Background Information. 726
Louis's father, Charlemagne, who died in 814, had intended to split his empire between his sons, but all except Louis predeceased him. Louis, therefore became sole heir to the Empire.

His was a troubled reign. He exiled some of his father's closest advisors (including two cousins) immediately upon his succession. In 817, Louis declared that his eldest son, Lothar, would succeed him as Emporer and that his two younger sons, Louis the German and Pepin would be given kingdoms within the Empire.

The three sons were satisfied with this arrangement. Louis had a nephew, Bernard, who had succeeded his father, Pepin, as King of Italy in 812. Louis made no provision for Bernard in the succession plan. Bernard, feeling he had been slighted, revolted against Louis. Louis put down the revolt and had Bernard blinded.

In 823 Louis' second wife bore him a son, Charles. Louis made known that he planned to include Charles in his succession plans. This was not acceptable to Charles' half brothers, Lothar and Louis. From the late 820s until his death in 840, Louis was in a continual struggle with one or more of his sons. Three years of bitter civil war followed Louis' death. The Treaty of Verdun in 843 finally brought some resolution.

Lothar was recognized as Emporer and was given soverignty in an area which was to become known as "the Middle Kingdom" stretching from the North Sea to Rome.

Louis the German became soverign over the portion of the old Empire east of Lothars's (basically modern day Germany) and Charkes became soverign over the portion of the old Empire west of Lothars's (modern day France). The other brother, Pepin had died in 838.

Lothar, even though he retained the title of Emporer, had no authority in Louis' or Charles' domains. It was during these times of unrest, towards the end of Louis' reign that the Vikings began to make their first raids the northern coast of the Empire, occasionally venturing inland as well.

~Fenwich Allied Ancestry, pg. 63

Louis married Ermengarde of Hasbaye, daughter of Enguerrand comté de Hesbaye and Judith of Bavaria, between 794 and 795. (Ermengarde of Hasbaye was born in 740-781 in Hesbaye, Belgium and died on 3 Oct 818 in Angers, France.)

Louis next married Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Welf duc de Bavaria and Unknown, in Feb 819 in France.528 (Judith of Bavaria was born about 800 in Bavaria and died on 19 Apr 843 in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France 528.)

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