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Sir John Tempest Knight
(Cir 1313-1383/1384)
Katherine Sherburne
(Abt 1295-After 1364)
Sir Thomas Talbot Knight
(Abt 1307-1364/1365)
Elizabeth Bellars
(-After 1366)
Sir Richard Tempest Knight
(Abt 1334-Bef 1390)
Maria Talbot
(-After 1390)
Sir Richard Tempest Knight
(1356-Between 1428/1428)


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Margaret Stainford

Sir Richard Tempest Knight

  • Born: 1356, Bracewell, Yorkshire, England
  • Marriage: Margaret Stainford 1227
  • Died: Between 26 May and 30 Sep 1428

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• Background Information. 1227
Sir Ricahrd Tempest, of Stainforth, married Mabel, daughter of Walter Stickland, of Sizergh, as his second wife. Sir Richard Tempest of Stainforth was the son of Sir Robert Tempest (son of Sir Richard Tempest, of Bracewell, and Margaret, sister and co-heriess of Robert Stainforth), by Alice, daughter of John Lacy. Sir Richard was born about 1410, knighted by 1432, and dead before May, 1488.

~Dodsworth's Yorkshire Church Notes 1619-1630, p. 61

• Web Reference: Articles on the Tempest Family On Some Notes on Medieval English Genealogy. 1226
Sir Richard Tempest married Margaret, be-lieved to be daughter (or sister) of Robert de Staynforth of Staynforth in Giggleswick. In his will 16 May 1390, Robert de Staynforth mentions daughters Margaret and Agnes, and leaves 100 marks to Sir Richard Tempest's daughter for a marriage portion and the residue of his goods to Sir Richard Tempest and the abbot of Sallay. Tempest and John Standen are exors'

• Background Information: Articles on the Tempest Family On Some Notes on Midieval English Genealogy. 1227
In October 1386, when Sir Richard Tempest gave evidence in the Scrope and Grosvenor coat of arms controversy at Westminster, he stated he was then 30 years of age and that he had borne arms for fifteen years, having fought under John, Lord Neville (the Lieutenant of Aquitaine) in Gascony, and had been with him at the relief of Monteyn (Sept: 1377). Also he had fought in Scotland under the Earl of Lancaster (his liege Lord at Waddington), and in the King's last expedition into Scotland (Aug: 1385) [Nicholas's Scrope and Gros-vener Roll vol. 1, p.198]. 23 February, 4 Richard II (1380-1) Sir Richard Tempest chivaler and Sir Gerard Salven were retained under Thomas de Felton, Seneschal of Aquintaine to serve the king in his War in Aquitaine with 25 archers and 23 men at arms, as agreed by indenture. The sum of £605 was handed over for the wages of Sir Richard and Sir Gerard for their troops, over which some dispute arose later [Exchequer Q.R. Memoranda 8 Ric. ii, Writs to Barons, Trin: 8 Richard 2, m.14d]. By writ dated at Westminster, 30 Oct 1384 [8 Richard ii], Sir Richard Tempest, with Sir Matthew Redmane and Sir Bentram Monboucher, Knight, and others, was commissioned to enquire into the devastations made by the Scots on the King's property in the town of Berwick on Tweed and the castle of Roxburgh and town of Newcastle on Tyne [Rot. Scot: Vol. 2, pp. 68 and 69]

By writ dated at Westminster 8 March, 8 Richard II (1384-5) the king, declaring he wished "to provide for the good government" of the county of Rokesburgh and fully confiding in the fidelity, probity and prudence of Sir Richard Tempest chivaler (he was only about 28 years old) appointed him Sheriff of the said county from 2 April 1385 in place of Sir Matthew Redmane [Originalia 8 Richard ii, m.32].

Sir Richard Tempest and Sir Thomas Talbot chivalers were appointed wardens of Berwick-on-Tweed from 18 April 1386 to 26 May 1387, receiving £7000 a year, for which they were to keep a garrison of a hundred mounted men at arms, sixty foot soldiers, 200 mounted archers and 129 foot archers, all of whom, except 20 men at arms and 20 archers were to be from the South side of the county of Craven and Richmond Sir Richard and Sir Thomas being under the chief command of the chief warden of the East Marches, Lord Neville.

The 19 October 1386, Sir Richard Tempest gave evidence at Westminster attesting to the right of his fellow warrior and friend Sir Richard le Scrope to bear the ancient arms of azure, a bend or, declaring his own age to be 30 years [Nicholas Scrope and Grosvenor Roll, vol. 1, p.199]. The 6 Jun 1387, the king gave license under the Privy Seal to his faithful and beloved knight Richard Tempest to fight, accompanied by one esquire, a certain Scotch knight who had calumniated him: Sir John Nevill, Lord of Raby, warden of the Marches being directed to give a safe conduct to the Scot knight and his esquire, with 60 men, as far as Berwick [Rot: Scot: vol. 2, p.90). Early in 1388, his name heads the list of the retinue of the Earl of Northumberland with 26 followers, for the government of Carlisle and ward-ship of the West Marches of Scotland [Cotton charters [B.M.] xiii. No. 3].

In August 1401, he was one of the five knights of the Shire for Lancashire summoned to attend the Kings council at Westminster on the feast of the Assumption (Pro-ceedings etc. of Privy Council vol. 1, p. 164). He was on the Commission of Appeal for W.R. Yorks, 11 May 1402 (Pat. Ro: 3 Henry iiij, pt. ij, m.l4d). In August 1403, he was gran-ted as "the king's knight" the custody and wardship of the heir and lands of the heir of Sir John de Lilbourne chiv-aler and tower of Shawden (Ibid. 4 Henry iiij, pt ij, m.11). At the Parliament held 14 January, 5 Henry iv (1403-4) Sir Richard Tempest knt petitioned to be repaid 500 marks which he had expended out of his own purse for wages to soldiers under him when he was Lieutenant under John Holland Earl of Huntingdon, of the castle and town of Carlisle and West marches in 1396 (Rot. Parl: vol. 3, p.542). He was summoned 3 December 1403 & by Progation 1403-4 to meet at the Parliam-ent at Westminster as knight of the Shire for co. York (List of M.P's (Blue Book) 1874, vol. 1, p.266). The 10 March, 5 Henry iiij (1403-4) he witnessed with Sir John Pudsay, Sir William de Rilleston and others at Skipton a feoffment made by William de Radcliffe and Margaret his wife of five mess-uages etc: in Bradley and five Burgages in Skipton to Hugh Wilde, chaplain and William Styrke (Dodsw: MSS, vol. 83, fol. 53).

). The 28 October 1406, a writ was addressed to the barons of the Exchequer, reciting that 7 August 1405, the estates of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland were forfeited to the Crown, but that the king for good service done by Sir Richard Tempest now granted to him the town of Preston in Craven (part of the forfeited estates) to be held for life with all issues &c. which amounted to the value of £20 a year, the annual rent of 20 marks granted by the late Earl being included.

Richard married Margaret Stainford, daughter of Robert de Stainford and Unknown.1227

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