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New Colonists to New Mexico, 1695
Taken from The Páez Hurtado Expedition of 1695: Fraud in Recruiting Colonists for New Mexico 424
Pages 29 - 117

This list is somewhat tricky because there were people who didn't actually leave Zacatecas on the list, and people were grouped together as families who were not actually related to each other. I've sorted through the book trying to figure out who did and didn't come to New Mexico.

The following settlers are grouped by families:
  • FRANCISCO ESTEBAN HERNÁNDEZ, lobo of Nochistlán, straight black hair, a scar on the left side of his chin, twenty-six, he fled the struggling colony in 1695, to be later captured at El Paso, and returned to Santa Fé where he was executed for desertion
  • JUANA GARCÍA, mestiza, twenty-eight, who married as her second husband in 1696 a mulatto, Nicolás Otriz.
  • ESTEBAN HERNÁDEZ, son of Esteban and Juana above, aged eight.
  • NICOLÁS DE SIERRA, mulatto native of Auerétaro, thirty-four, able-bodied, curly hair, pudgy face and who died from unknown causes between 11 Jan 1695 and May 1697.
  • FRANCISCA VENTURA, twenty-five in 1695, wife of Nicolás de Sierra
  • SALVADOR DE SIERRA, age one, likely died before 1697
  • JOAQUÍN DE SIERRA, age five
  • DOMINGO DE SIERRA, age four
  • GERTRUDIS DE SIERRA, likely born en route to New Mexico
  • AGUSTÍN RODRÍGUEZ, native of Sombrerete, medium build, straight black hair, age thiry
  • NICOLASA ORTIZ, wife of Agustín, and whose full name was Nicolasa Ortiz Leonada
  • FRANCISCO MONTES VIGIL, age thirty, able-body Spanish native of Zacatecas with somewhat curly chestnut hair, a scar on the left side of his face below his eye
  • MARÍA JIMÉNEZ DE ANCISCO, wife of Francisco, Spaniard, native of Zacatecas and mother of the following children, except for the last on the list.
  • JUAN EUGENIO MONTES, a freed mulatto slave, who may or may not be related to this family.
  • CATALINA DURÁN, widow of José de Armijo, mestiza native of Zacatecas, thirty-eight (likely older). She was the mother of the following children.
  • VICENTE DE ARMIJO, age sixteen, mestizo, straight black hair, and a scar between his eyes, he and his brothers used the name Durán de Armijo
  • JOSÉ DE ARMIJO, age nine, mestizo
  • EUGENIA DURÁN, natural daughter of Catalina, age five
  • MARÍA DURÁN, natural daughter of Catalina, age one, later called china
  • ANTONIO DE ARMIJO, age twenty, small build, straight black hair, dark complexion and a scar between the eyes
  • MARCOS DE ARMIJO, age eighteen, mestizo
  • TOMÁS MÉNDEZ, age twenty - twenty-four, coyote, native of Sombrerete, round face, pock marked from small pox, a scar on the right side of his face next to his nose, straight blak hair, and able-bodied
  • MARÍA DE LA CRUZ, wife of above, coyota
  • DOMINGA DE LA ROSA, child of both the above
  • MARÍA DE LA TRINIDAD, mulatta, native of San Luis Potosí, the widow of Juan Miguel, thirty-six, dark complexion
  • ISABEL DE LA REA, María de la Trinidad claimed her as a daughter, but when Isabel married Nicolás Ramíez in April 1696, she said she was sixteen, a native of Charcas, and of unknown parents.
  • LAUREANO GÓMEZ, Spaniard and native of Guanajuato, thirty, with curly black hair, pudgy face, sound body and a scar on his left wrist. Laureano was killed at Cochiti in the Rebellion of 1696.
  • JOSEFA DE LA CRUZ, wife of Laureano, remarried fellow colonist Nicolás Expinosa in 1697.
  • JUAN GÓMEZ, child of Laureano and Josefa.
  • JUAN BAUTISTA DE OLIVAS, fifty-eight in 1697,
  • MAGDALENA JUÁEZ, wife of Juan Bautista
  • JUANA DE LA TRINIDAD, age 10 in 1695
  • ISABEL DE OLIVAS, widow of Sebastián Esparza
  • MARÍA DE ESPARZA, daughter of Isabel and Sebastián
  • GARCIA BAUTISTA, married at the age of twenty-two to Miguel de Aguilar, twenty-four, native of Valle de Toluca.
  • JOSÉÉ BAUTISTA, gave his age as twenty-five in 1695, and called the son of Juan Bautista de Olivas by other colonists in 1698
  • TERESA DE LA CRUZ, native of Sombrerete, widow of Nicolás Rodríguez, who was buried in Sombrerete four years ealier (1691), daughter of Pedro Martín and Pascula Elena married in Santa Fe 24 May 1695 to Cristóbal Rodríguez, native of Zacatecas, widowed of a woman who died there and son of Juan Rodrígues and Isabel de la Cruz. Teresa de la Cruz was dead by 1703.
  • MARÍA DE LA ROSA, age seventeen on 10 Jun 1704, native of Guanajuato, living in Santa Fé, the daughter of Nicoláas Rodríguez and Teresa de la Cruz, both deceased, married Antonio de Herrera y Sandoval, eighteen, a native of Salvatierra reared in Mexico City, the son of don Tomás de Herrera y Sandoval and Pascuala de la Concepción, who lived in Santa Cruz de la Cañada
  • MIGUEL DE ZÁRATE, mestizo, native of the real of Pánuco, thirty, with straight black hair and a mole of the right side of his face below his nose.
  • ANA MAGDALENA HERNÁNDEZ, the wife of Miguel
  • BLAS ZÁRATE, son
  • JUANA DE ZÁRATE, daughter
  • JUAN DE GUIDO, lobo native of Guanajuato, twenty-seven with straight black hair, thick eyebrows, dark complexion
  • ISABEL DE LOS REYES, married to Juan de Guido after arriving in New Mexico, coyota, widow of Luís de Ribera, Isabel died before 1707
  • LUIS DE RIBERA GUIDO, son of Isabel de los Reyes and Luís Ribera

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