The First López Settlers in New Mexico

The following are López settlers who were in New Mexico in the early days of Spanish settlement. Click on the names to find out information about them that can be found in Origins of New Mexico Families: A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period.

The Earliest López individuals in New Mexico from 1598 - 1700.

  Francisco López
  Juana López
  Juan López
  Nicolás López
  Luis López
  Carlos López
  Juan López
  Pedro López
  José López, native of Villa de los Lagos

  Francisco López de Aragón
  Juana López de Aragón
  Ana López de Aragón

  Andrés López de García
  Ysabel López de García
  Sebastiana López de García

  Maria López Milan
  Diego López del Castillo
  Anna López del Castillo
  Matías López del Castillo
  Pedro López del Castillo

  Juan López Mederos
  Pedro López Mederos
  Catalina López Mederos

  Juan López de Ocanto
  Juan López de Ocanto
  José López de Ocanto
  Lucía López de Ocanto
  María López de Ocanto

  Andrés López Sambrano
  Hernán López Sambrano
  Francisco López Sambrano
  Diego López Sambrano
  Josefa López Sambrano
  Juana López Sambrano

  Alonso López de Salazar
  Ynes López de Salazar

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